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Disability Horizons: Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month - have you heard of the condition?

Enable Magazine: Understanding Marfan Syndrome

Medium/BHF: What happens when you're told that you'll need major heart surgery in your early 20s?

The Naked Scientists: A Life With Marfan Syndrome 

Posability Magazine: Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month - Personal Story

Scope: A Day To Shine A Light On Rare Diseases

Limitless Travel: A Day In The Life Of A Powerchair User

Scope: Disabled Access Day - when one shop got it right

Cattitude & Co: Sex & Disability 101

The Nopebook: Online Activism isn't Lazy - It's Accessible

Bimbo Magazine: Shona Louise

The Guardian: Stares, Glares and Internet Dating, the harsh realities of life with a disability

The Guardian: What is life really like for disabled people?

Buzzfeed: The Chancellor suggested disabled workers had lowered UK productivity and these disabled people are very pissed off

Channel 4 News: Pre-packaged food 'vital' for some disabled people

Metro: Criticisms of prepared packaged food completely ignore the thousands of people in the UK living with a disability

The Nopebook: Stop dismissing pre-prepared food as lazy

Activity Alliance: Becoming more active

BBC Three Counties Radio: Marfan Syndrome and Blogging

In Visibility: In Visibility Today podcast

In Visibility: In Visibility Today: Disability Blogger & Activist Shona Louise

Yahoo Lifestyle: Reactions to Stephen Hawking's death slammed as 'ableist' - here's why

InvisiYouth: Spotlight Story Program Shona Cobb's Story

Quantum Rehab: Shona Louise: Changing the World at iLevel

Glamour: ASOS is Selling a Rainproof Jumpsuit Designed for People Who Use Wheelchairs

Today: The Sweet Story of how ASOS created a Jumpsuit for Everyone - Wheelchair or Not

iNews: Disabled People Like Me Are Made to Feel Selfish for Using Plastic Straws 

Packaging Insights: Disability-friendly packaging solutions: Purple Tuesday UK calls for diversifying options

BroadwayWorldUK: BroadwayWorldUK's 100 People To Follow On Twitter in 2019

The Old Vic: 'The Bare Minimum Is Not Enough'

Able Magazine: 'How My Powerchair Changed My Life'

Perry O'Bree: Six The Musical Accessibility in Theatres Arts Theatre

Perry O'Bree: Bat Out Of Hell Accessibility in Theatres

Perry O'Bree: Everybody's Talking About Jamie Cast Change 2019

Scope: Tackling Public Tranport as a Wheelchair User

Metro: Pride Isn't Accessible Enough For LGBTQ+ Disabled People

BBC Radio 4: Money Box - The Costs of Being Disabled

Refinery29: How The Hidden Costs Of Being Disabled Are Making Me Broke

Scope: Using Public Transport Can Be Scary

Metro: For Disabled People Like Me Public Transport Is Terrifying

The Old Vic: Our Impact Video 

The Stage: Theatres Must Cater Better For Audiences' Access Needs

i News: Disabled Customer Had To Jam Wheelchair Between Train Doors So She Could Leave 'Nightmare' Journey 

BroadwayWorldUK: Shona Louise On How Theatres Can Improve Access

Metro: My Choice Not To Have Kids Has Nothing To Do With The Fact I'm Disabled

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard: Surprising A Subscriber

Motability: Accessible Days Out: The Old Vic 

The Old Vic: What's Inside

Carrie-Ann Lightley: Wheelchair Travel On Buses And Trains During A Pandemic

The Creative Climate Activist: Inspiring Activists: Shona Louise

BBC Money Box Podcast: Job Success For Young Blogger

The Blind Lads Podcast: Journeys with Shona Louise

HMSA (Hypermobility Syndromes Association) Journal Dec 2015: Marfan Syndrome & Me

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 13 June 2017: The Importance Of Disabled Bloggers

Enable Magazine March/April 2018: Why pre-packaged food is important for the disabled community

Allied Mobility Access All Areas Spring Issue 2018: Top 10 Disability Blogs

Taking over the NHS Twitter - July 2018

PosAbility Magazine Aug/Sept 2018 - The Power of a Chair by Pippa Stacey

Thiis Magazine Cover & Feature (Pages 10-13) - October 2018

Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 List 2018 - Britain's most influential Disabled people

Evening Standard - Technology changed our lives

Photo by Natasha Pszenicki

Naidex Show Guide 2019

Essayist in Rife: Twenty-One Stories From Britain's Youth 

I am number 17 campaign 

Featured in children's book 'Family Shapes: Numbers and Counting' 

Posability Magainze Feb/Mar 2020 - A Guide To Accessible Theatre 

Quoted in 'How To Go To Work' by Lucy Clayton & Steve Haines

Posability Magazine Dec/Jan 2020/2021 - How I Turned My Disability Into A Career

Red Moon Gang: An Inclusive Guide To Periods March 2021 - What about disabled people?

Kidz to Adultz Magazine - Issue 11

Posability Magazine Apr/May 2021 - Taking Over TikTok

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  1. Marfan's is not a death sentence, nor is it something to be brushed away in ignorance. Success is worth the struggle. I am proud to be in this fight with you. Go Team Marf!