Below are some of the places where I've been featured, websites and magazines I've written for and work I've done to raise awareness of Marfan Syndrome!

Disability Horizons: Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month - have you heard of the condition?

Enable Magazine: Understanding Marfan Syndrome

Medium/BHF: What happens when you're told that you'll need major heart surgery in your early 20s?

The Naked Scientists: A Life With Marfan Syndrome 

Posability Magazine: Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month - Personal Story

Scope: A Day To Shine A Light On Rare Diseases

Limitless Travel: A Day In The Life Of A Powerchair User

Scope: Disabled Access Day - when one shop got it right

Regular writer at She Might Be Magazine

Cattitude & Co: Sex & Disability 101

The Nopebook: Online Activism isn't Lazy - It's Accessible

Bimbo Magazine: Shona Louise

KCFM: Concerns over title of latest Challenge Hull

HMSA (Hypermobility Syndromes Association) Journal - Dec 2015 - Marfan Syndrome & Me

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 13 June 2017 - The Importance Of Disabled Bloggers


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  1. Marfan's is not a death sentence, nor is it something to be brushed away in ignorance. Success is worth the struggle. I am proud to be in this fight with you. Go Team Marf!


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