AD | 3 Products That I'm Loving As A Disabled Person

AD | This post is an AD in collaboration with SwetWipes and includes a gifted item from them. This post also contains discount codes but these are not affiliate, I do not earn any money from them. 

When people think of disability aids they probably think of an elderly person using a stairlift or handrails on the outside of a door, and whilst these are all very helpful tools for me the things that help me most are a little atypical from what most people imagine when it comes to daily living aids. Yes, I have the typical bathroom aids, dressing aids and walking aids but it's the smaller things, the unexpected things that help me live my best disabled life and today I wanted to share a few of those!

First up are SwetWipes, a product that I really wish I had after all my previous operations! SwetWipes are a luxurious anti bacterial, plastic free and biodegradable adult sized body wipe. They are extra thick and 20x30cm, much larger and thicker than a standard baby wipe. Now, if you've ever been in hospital and had a bed bath you know how unpleasant they can be and how much you're just itching to have a shower. Often when I've been unwell in hospital or at home I've resorted to washing with baby wipes, often going through half a packet at the time and ending up with my skin being really dried out. However, I only need one SwetWipe to clean my whole body! It's quicker, I feel cleaner and my skin isn't left feeling dry and irritated. These wipes honestly would have made the world of difference to me when my health was worse and showering was more of a challenge. I'm now going to be sure to always have a pack of these handy for my worse days or when I'm feeling unwell, it's nice to know I won't ever have to resort to a pack of baby wipes ever again! 

SwetWipes have kindly given me a 20% off discount code that you can use until the end of November 2020, 'SHONA20' will give you 20% off any order over £10. The wipes are £4.99 a pack, and they each contain 12 wipes. 

Next up is my beloved BundleBean fleece-lined wheelchair cosy, an item that I couldn't survive Autumn and Winter without! I've had a BundleBean cosy for about as long as I've been a wheelchair user and I really could not imagine being without it now, my original one was stolen off the back of my wheelchair last year and I was devastated, and so I was very quick to replace it with a slightly jazzier design! My original one was black but I am loving the lighting bolt design now. There are adjustable velcro straps that you can use to secure it to yourself or your wheelchair and the design really allows you to be able to attach it wherever is best for you. The inside is fleece lined to keep you nice and toasty and then the outside is a waterproof material to keep you dry, I really haven't found anything else that keeps me as warm, dry and looks good! There's also a fleece lined pocket that you could use to keep your hands warm if someone else pushes your wheelchair, or when you're stationary, or you could use it to store a pair of gloves like I do. At £44.99 this is certainly an investment but it's one I will keep making for years to come and BundleBean have very kindly given me a discount code for you to use! Use the code 'SHONALOUISE10' to get 10% off their wheelchair product range. 

And finally we have my smart light bulbs! I got an Amazon Echo Dot a couple of years ago and it's been such a good tool when it comes to making my life easier but it's the smart light bulbs that I've connected to it that make the biggest difference. There are loads of brands out there but I have the Philips Hue ones. I can control them from my phone or by voice via my Echo dot and honestly it's made such a difference. At night I don't need to get back out of bed to turn off the light and in the morning I can turn it on without needing to get up too. It might sound like something so simple but it really makes such a difference for me and I know for many other disabled people smart technology like this has allowed them to regain independence where they didn't have it before. I know that for sure when I move into my own place I'm going to have a house full of smart technology! 

What products help you live your best disabled life?


  1. Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog today and I loved this article. I've been thinking about getting a BundleBean for months, but I've put it off because I already have a blanket I use regularly and it's not often I'm caught in the rain. But this article has given me a little nudge. I just might click the 'buy' button now.