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When people think of my accessibility needs as a wheelchair user I think their initial thoughts are always about my access into buildings and on to public transport, but my access needs start much earlier on in the day then that. Over the past 4 years dressing has become more and more challenging for me, particularly when it comes to the lower half of my body, and even more specifically it's underwear that can be my biggest struggle. One dodgy hip mixed with a replaced hip that is giving me problems means that lifting my legs to put on underwear can be painful and difficult. I often wonder how people manage to put them on standing up when I struggle doing it sat down! So, when an email landed in my inbox telling me all about Modibodi's period, pee and perspiration proof underwear with detachable clasps on the side, I was sold! 

One of the biggest pros for me with these detachable bikini underwear is the fact that it is period proof, with a moderate to heavy absorbency of up to 3 tampons. In the past I've talked a little about how inaccessible period products can be for disabled people, especially some of the newer eco-friendly options, so for me these open up the option of period underwear to a lot more people. I'm on the pill so no longer have a full period every month but I do still experience spotting, but it can be difficult to find a comfortable pad to wear as someone who sits down all day. So, for me these are an accessible and comfortable option for when I do need a little protection. I know these will come in handy for those with bladder conditions who experience leaks throughout the day as well. The material is really soft, finding comfortable underwear can sometimes be a nightmare as a wheelchair user as some materials really dig into me but I didn't have any problems with these!

The hook and eye fastening was really easy for me to undo, both sitting down and standing up. It made me think back to my post-operation days when putting on underwear was such a hard task, I really wish I'd had something like these back then that I could have put on even when I was lying in bed! I've been recommended so many dressing tools over the years to help me with things like putting on underwear, but all of them still require me to lift my leg at some point, so for me these solve a problem that I've been unsuccessful in solving for years. Every piece of independence is important to me, even just being able to do one more thing on my own makes a huge difference to my life both physically and mentally. I'm not swimming at the moment due to the current pandemic but I know that when I do return these will also come in handy for getting changed afterwards, no matter how hard I try I always get my underwear a little wet on the floor when changing, but with these they won't be going anywhere near the floor. 

What I also love about Modibodi is both how eco-friendly they are with their packaging and the work they do to give back to communities. To date they have donated just over 22,000 pairs of underwear across the world, including during the Australian bushfires and the current Covid-19 pandemic. A small percentage of every purchase made goes towards making this possible. They are also involved in facilitating education programs that strive to reduce period and body shame, which is so needed!

I really had never considered investing in underwear like these before now but I can see me building up quite a collection! Beyond the detachable bikini style they also do maternity and swimwear options as well as a wide range of different styles and flow types. 

You can get started by using the code 'SHONA15' to get 15% off your order!

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