AD | Building A Gallery Wall with My-Picture.Co.Uk

AD | This is a sponsored post and contains gifted products.

Growing up as a teenager I was never someone to have loads of photos or posters on my walls, preferring a more simple and uncluttered look. But, as I reached my 20s a gallery wall started to become a little dream of mine, I had all these prints lying around that I'd collected over the years and yet none of them were actually up on my wall. I felt like I was missing something to bring them all together though, a centre piece I guess! I knew I wanted it to be a photo of my girlfriend, Jemma, and I at Pride in London but it wasn't until My-Picture.co.uk came on to my radar that I considered a canvas as the perfect missing piece to my plan!

In the past my worries with getting a photo printed on a canvas were quality and price, I didn't want to pay out a lot for something that ruined the quality of my photo but this was never a worry with My-Picture.co.uk. For starters they have the lowest canvas prints prices I've seen, my 40x30 canvas came to just £14 and kept the high quality of my chosen image, it was taken on a DSLR camera but I worried it would lose all of that quality and end up just looking like a phone photo, but I was so wrong! The colours are amazing and all of the detail stayed in tack, I couldn't be happier with my centre piece. 

After I'd put the canvas up I was able to start building up my gallery wall around it, and one tip I want to pass on is making templates of all your prints/frames on paper so you can see your arrangement on the wall without putting the actual frames up! I was able to play around with my chosen layout without committing to anything, which took so much of the stress away. You can also pick up framed photo prints with My-Picture.co.uk, so you can buy everything you need to build your own gallery wall directly from them! 

In general I'm trying to have more photos up in my bedroom, I definitely have fallen into the modern day trap of just having photos on my phone and never printing any! But, I don't have a lot of surface space available so a typical 6x4 frame can take up a lot of precious space, so when I saw their new MixBlox's I knew they would be the perfect solution for me! I took some gorgeous photos of my Mum and nephew during lockdown that I knew I wanted printed and I am so happy with how they came out in the MixBlox. It's a small and quirky way to display your photos and I know I'll be getting more of them in the future, I love the idea of stacking them!

If you're like me and your walls are looking a little bare whilst your phone's camera roll is bursting full then I really can't recommend My-Picture.co.uk enough to liven up your rooms! The quality is incredible and the delivery was quick, and on top of the already low prices you can get 10% off with the code 'SHONALOUISE10'.