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Covid-19 might have turned our whole world upside down but birthday's and anniversaries don't stop for anyone, not even a lockdown. Recent world events have forced us to all be a little more creative when it comes to celebrating these life events and milestones, and personally I've found myself using Moonpig for cards and flowers more in the past 5 months than I have in my entire lifetime! Lockdown birthday's have become such a big thing and I'm loving seeing how people are celebrating creatively. So, when I was invited along to a virtual Zoom event with them for a flower arranging session and a cocktail making class I couldn't say yes quick enough. The event also converted me into only using their app instead of the website too and I'll be telling you all about why!

The night started off with a tour of Moonpig's app, and I basically spent the whole time wondering why I'd been using the website up until now! There's two features in particular that I'll be using all the time now, unfortunately they are both only available on iOS at the moment but Moonpig are always working on improving their Android app too. Firstly, have you ever ordered one of Moonpig's giant cards before? They are so much fun and you can cram so many photos on to them but, just how big are they? I find it difficult to imagine measurements in person, and clearly someone at Moonpig did too because they created an augmented reality option. This feature allows you to see what the cards look like on a surface such as a table, in it's exact measurements, giving you an idea of just how big the different card sizes are! No more guessing and wondering, you can just select the AR view and you'll get a realistic idea of what the card will look like standing up on a shelf, for example!

This second feature is by far my favourite though, and something that I had no idea they offered! I love ordering cards online but I do miss being able to hand write them and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. So, if writing by hand is your thing then Moonpig now have an option for that on their iOS app! All you do is simply write your message on a plain piece of paper, take a photo of it and then Moonpig do the rest and put it inside your card. It really adds the personal touch that typed cards lack sometimes. My nephew has just started to write his own name too so it means that he can sign a card himself by doing it this way. I think I'll be writing all my Moonpig cards like this from now!

We were then treated to a flower arranging masterclass by Moonpig's resident flower genius, Roxanne! I absolutely love receiving flowers but not once have I ever thought to have a go at arranging them myself, I know it's something that my Mum enjoys so I was eager to give it a try myself. We had the stunning Luxury Summer Garden bouquet to play around with, it already came beautifully arranged so it almost felt like a sin for me to pull it apart and start again but I loved separating them all out and getting a good look at the flowers, it was nice to be more involved rather than just snipping the ends and popping them in a vase. This is a massive bouquet too, filled with roses, scabiosa's and more! Roxanne gave us lots of tips, including learning to point the flowers diagonally rather than straight down when you put them in a vase, this means they'll fall slightly outwards rather than all being upright and bunched up. I really recommend giving flower arranging a go the next time you receive flowers, or perhaps just treat yourself to some, it's something that I want to do more! 

Lastly we moved on to what was undoubtedly the highlight of the evening, a cocktail masterclass run by James from Mix & Twist! I adore a well made cocktail but I've never really tried making one myself, at home I tend to stick to just a gin & tonic but I'm really excited to now have 3 gorgeous drinks under my belt to impress my loved ones with in the future. We used the gorgeous Konak's Tail Vodka, which you can send as a gift on the Moonpig website, to make 3 fruity and minty cocktails. I've left all the ingredients you need in a graphic below if you wanted to give them a go yourself, they are perfect for Summer! 

So, you've got your card, your flowers, maybe a little alcohol gift for the cocktail fans in your life, but what about other gifts? I truly had no idea just how wide a range of gifts Moonpig offered until I had a scroll through the app during the event! They have gifts to suit all, including beauty, food and experiences. Previously I would just order my card and flowers from them and then look elsewhere for a gift but I'll be sure to give the website a good browse when it comes to future birthdays now.

I don't know about you but I am even more prepared for upcoming lockdown birthday's now! Whilst we do have more freedom and access to shops now I know I'll still be sticking with Moonpig for the most part, especially now I know all about their app and everything they offer beyond just cards and flowers!

How have you been celebrating friend's and family's birthdays during lockdown?

Use the code APP30ORDER when ordering through the Moonpig app to receive 30% off a card and gift when buying together until August 26th! 

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