How My Girlfriend & I Are Surviving Lockdown Apart

The United Kingdom has now been in lockdown for over 9 weeks due to Covid-19/Coronavirus. Whilst some restrictions have been eased I think many of us are mostly concerned with when we can have physical contact with our loved ones again, I know for my girlfriend and I that's our biggest question. We live about an 1 hour and 30 minute drive apart and haven't seen each other since March, like many couples across the world we are missing each other massively. At first it was painfully difficult and the uncertainty didn't help, slowly though we began building routines and putting things in place to stay connected, getting creative in our ways to spend time together. So today, I thought I'd share some of the things we've been doing to survive lockdown apart in the hope that it might help others who are struggling.

Creating routines

Something that we've developed over the past 3 months are some routines, set times of the day that we know we'll be speaking to each other over facetime. Right now I think a lot of us feel very out of control and I know for us having these routines has given us the structure we need and also the reassurance of knowing that we will always speak at certain times of the day. On weekday's we have breakfast together, which is the most perfect start to the day and I find we really motivate each other during this time to have a positive day. Jemma is working from home so we also spend her lunch break together and then we facetime again just before bed. Of course we talk in between but having those set times has really helped us both!

Reading books together

Both of us are big readers and so reading together seemed like the most natural step! I have to say my family couldn't quite understand why we'd want to sit in silence reading different books over facetime but there is something really peaceful about it. We might not be in the same room but doing the same thing together has really helped to restore some kind of normality. It's also really fun to have someone there to share your immediate reactions with as well! We've even been reading to each other, I'm very much enjoying Jemma's performances of the Emilia script at the moment.

Sending small gifts

Amazon wishlists are one trend that Jemma and I are fully on board with. Pre-pandemic we'd often buy each other small gifts or write each other postcards and it's something that we have continued during lockdown and I think it's more important than ever. We're lucky to be financially in the position to do this and it really has been putting a smile on each other's faces when a little something arrives in the post. Whether it's snacks, books or even a make your own llama kit, it's been sprinkling a little joy into our days!

Giving each other space

Now this is a really important one. I think it would be easy for us to spend all day talking, all day on face time together because we miss each other so much but we both also recognise how important it is for us to give each other space when needed. Whether it's popping your phone down to have a relaxing bath or having a takeaway with your family, time apart can be just as important as time together. And those routines we've created means we always know when we're talking next so we're never left in limbo wondering when the other will resurface! Communication really is key.

The uncertainty of not knowing when we'll be able to see and hug each other again can be so difficult and I think it's important to remember that it's okay to have bad days, we are in the middle of a pandemic after all. Through it all though we support each other and I am honestly so proud of ourselves for how well we've coped, as well as every other couple, family members and friends who are currently apart due to the virus. We are all doing great and some time in the future we'll look back and it will feel like it all went by in a flash.

If you've got any other tips for surviving lockdown when you're separated from your loved ones then I'd love to hear them, let's help each other get through this!

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