5 Things I Want To Do After The Covid-19 Lockdown

We're now into our 6th week of lockdown in the UK to help slow the spread of Covid-19. At the beginning of all this everything felt so surreal and so it's hard to believe so much time has since passed. With anything in life my general coping technique is to always have something to look forward to. I think for a lot of people they are finding that tough since there is no set end date in sight right now, but being disabled has taught me a lot about coping in these situations and for me it's still so important to have those things to look forward to. I know I will be able to do them at some point, for me this is kind of like when I was fundraising for my new powerchair. I had no idea when we'd reach the goal or when I'd actually have my chair but planning the things I'd do once I had it kept me positive and motivated and so I'm implementing that during the current pandemic. So, here are just a few things I want to do post-lockdown/social distancing! I'm aware some of these things might take a lot longer than others to happen but that's okay!

Shona, a powerchair user, is elevated in her powerchair and wheeling down a street amongst other people.


Jemma and I are one of many couples across the world who have been forced apart by Covid-19 and the lockdown. We knew that it was going to happen at some point but that didn't make it any easier when the reality of not seeing each other for a while hit! So, one of the first things I'll be doing when I can is heading off to hug her and never let go. We've been making lockdown work though! We call or face time every lunchtime and evening (and sometimes have breakfast together!), play games together virtually and watch Drag Race together. We recently spent our 1st anniversary apart but Jemma planned the most amazing day and we made the best of it, but I just can't wait for that first hug!


Learning to drive is something that I've been planning and thinking about seriously for well over a year now, but towards the end of last year I set it as a goal to start in 2020. I've been saving away every spare penny for months and was just about ready to get the ball rolling when everything kicked off. So, as soon as I can post lockdown/social distancing I'll be looking into Motability cars and learning to drive and I can't wait. It will make my life so much easier!

2 women at London Pride, they have a pride flag drapped across them both.


Like every theatre fan right now I am really missing going to the theatre, but not just the shows themselves though. The social aspect, the atmosphere, the memories made. But, I'm also really missing photographing shows. At the beginning of the year I treated myself to a couple new lenses and since then I've barely put my camera down, until I was forced to. Photography is something I was seriously starting to pursue and whilst it's frustrating to have had the breaks put on that, I know I'll be buzzing with energy and passion once I have my camera in my hands again.


Now, I think this is something that is on a lot of people's lists. I'm really lucky to live in an area that has Deliveroo so we've still been able to treat ourselves to a takeaway now and then but I really miss just having a meal out with my girlfriend. In particular, we're missing Yo! Sushi. It has become quite a regular spot of ours for a pre or post show meal and it's time together that we love, so I can't wait to be sitting by the conveyor belt ordering half the menu once again!


At the start of the year Jemma and I started to talk about wanting to go away for a weekend to somewhere in the UK, somewhere we'd not been before. Both of us wanted to go to Scotland and we managed to settle on Glasgow in the end, but before we could even book it the Covid-19 situation became more serious. So, we're really looking forward to being able to book ourselves a little holiday once things have settled down.

It goes without saying that my priority is of course doing whatever I can to slow the spread of Covid-19 and I'm happy to stay home for as long as necessary, but I am really looking forward to getting a little normality back in some form. Lockdown has had it's positives though, I'm reading so much more, I'm taking part in weekly quizzes and I do love a good quiz and I've just generally slowed down. There's definitely things I'll be continuing even after life returns to normal.

What's on your post Covid-19 list of things to do?

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