The Feeling at The Other Palace | Review

This ticket was kindly gifted to me by The Feeling.

If you're a fan of new and developing theatre then The Other Palace is the place to be and I found myself in their studio once again over the weekend to see the brand new developing British musical, The Feeling. Written and produced by Kyra Jessica Willis and directed by George C. Francis this musical follows a friendship group as they tackle some pretty heavy problems, as well as a few romances. The stories of Kasey, Edie, Jessie, Lexie, Archie and Mel interlink along the way, with characters Jamie and Holt also appearing to help tell this story.

The stage in The Other Palace studio is small but the space was really used effectively to help tell the story, with the majority of it revolving around a cafe where the friend's lives seem to unravel. Some really serious topics are touched on within this show, including mental health and alcoholism and I feel they are all handled really sensitively and I liked the touch of the back of the programme containing information about where you can receive help if you are experiencing anything that is happening on stage. This is an honest piece of theatre that feels realistic but still has the dramatic edge that theatre fans enjoy.

In my opinion I think this is a show that would perhaps work better as a play, whilst I did enjoy the music I felt at times that more of the story needed to be told through the script. There were occasions where it felt like we were almost going into one song straight from another, equally there were also times that there was either too much or too little happening on stage. I think the story shows a lot of promise though and it's a story that people would find relatable. With some more development, the running time being cut down and some work on the script I think this could become an important piece of theatre that certainly has a place in this industry.

I also applaud Monsteers Artistry for representing and hiring actors that really reflect everyday life as well, they are supporting the underdog and that's something I think we'd all love to see more of. Overall, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this show develops in the future.

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