My 2018 Plan

Over the past week my Twitter feed has been a mix of 'there's no point in making new year's resolutions' and 'it's good to have goals' tweets, people are well and truly torn between whether to make goals/resolutions this year. Personally I've never told myself that I have to do xyz but I do enjoy making a plan for what I want my year to look like. Now, more than ever before I find myself feeling very open to spontaneity and I thought that making goals didn't fit inline with my willingness to just see what happens but there's no reason why you can't make yourself a yearly plan, and be open to just seeing where life takes you. So, that's how I've got to this point, a small list of a few things I want to do this year. If they don't happen then that's okay, but these are all things that I know will greatly improve my happiness and I'm always up for that.


This is something I've wanted to do for months, and for nearly a year I actually lived opposite a swimming pool but could never find the courage to go. Now I'm back in my hometown I feel more than ready to make a start on this goal. I haven't been swimming since my first operation, about 5 years now, and it's about the only exercise I can do now and I'm certain it will benefit my mental health too. I'm going to get started on this straight away by ringing up my local pool this week to enquire about their accessibility and some of the practicalities of going swimming when you're a wheelchair user.


Towards the end of 2017 I visited 2 new places, Nottingham and Manchester, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I explored, I pushed myself and I had buckets of fun so it makes sense to continue this in 2018 by visiting 3 totally new places, whether it's somewhere hours away or a bus away, I'm excited to explore more this year.


This is something I started in the last few months of 2017 and I'm absolutely going to be continuing it. I was unhappy for a large portion of last year without even realising, with the help of my counsellor I managed to figure out the cause and I started thinking about myself first. I've been so much happier since I made that decision and I vow to never ignore my needs again.


One thing I'm lacking in my life is friends. Being an adult out of work and out of education makes it extremely difficult to make friends and I have no idea where to even start with this one but I know that I need to put myself out there more and step out of my comfort zone first.

  • Be more spontaneous
  • Read more books
  • Eat breakfast
  • Write more
  • See a new musical

For the first time in years I can say that I've got a really good feeling about the next 12 months. 

Have you set any goals this year?


  1. I felt the same about setting goals because I struggle to stick with them but this year I feel more positive about them!

    Let us know how you get on with your goals, it'll be cool to hear how the swimming goes. I've been meaning to visit Manchester again and do some proper exploring so hopefully 2018 will be the year I do that!

    I hope 2018 is a great year for you Shona :)

    1. I think I'll probably do a mid year update on my goals!

  2. Hey Shona I've nominated you for the Mystery Blogger award nominations you can find out more here x https://faithmsite.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/mystery-blogger-award-nomination/?preview=true