OUTFIT: Bringing Back My Childhood Style

Speak to my Mum about my style as a child and she'll tell you of the times where I practically lived in dungarees and would scream at the thought of wearing a dress. Dresses weren't practical for tree climbing and back then I much preferred the company of boys and that definitely influenced the clothes that I wanted to wear. Since then though I've never even considered wearing dungarees again, despite my Mum believing that I could still rock them just as well at 20 years old. They've been back in style for a while now and it's taken me ages to give in and try them again, much to my Mum's delight and she was right; I can definitely still rock them.

I spotted these on ASOS as I was browsing for some style inspiration for my shoot with Kaye, I never intended to buy anything but these caught my eye and I couldn't forget about them. The way they were styled on the website, with white converse and a plain t-shirt really called to me, it was simple but something different than what I'm used to. I knew I would love them as soon as they arrived and I had visions of pairing it with white converse style shoes and a stripy t-shirt, similar to how ASOS had styled them, and my vision has finally come alive. I'm pretty rubbish at putting together outfits, I just don't have the eye for seeing what goes together like some people do so I really surprised myself when I put this look together, it might be simple but I'm so used to just grabbing a pair of jeans and a baggy t-shirt from my wardrobe. These dungarees are from the Tall range on ASOS but they do these same ones, and so many more colours and styles in the other ranges too!

The shoes were a Primark bargain at just £7, I refuse to pay converse prices when I don't walk in my shoes so cheap Primark ones are perfect for me! The top is from New Look and altogether this look really represents the brands that make up my wardrobe: ASOS, New Look and Primark.

I think this outfit has definitely shown me that sometimes stepping out of my comfort zone can often pay off, oh and that I should probably listen to my Mum's fashion advice more.

Dunagrees: ASOS Tall | Top: New Look | Shoes: Primark

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