OOTD | Brightening Up My Wardrobe

Remember when I said that I wanted to do more outfit posts? Yeah, that was back in May and I've not done another OOTD since, oops! I genuinely do want to make more effort to do OOTD posts and I'm hoping that the summer weather will help inspire me to get out the house (boyfriend in tow) to take outfit photos!

I've also really been wanting to experiment more with my wardrobe, adding in more colour and pieces that I would usually steer clear from. Sophie from FashionBellee has really inspired me, she posts outfit photos daily on her Instagram and she's a powerchair user like me so I can really take a lot of ideas and inspiration from her!

Top: H&M | buy here
Vest: New Look | buy here
Jeans: Primark | (instore only)
Shoes: ASOS | similar | similar
Bag: New Look | buy here

Please excuse whatever is going on with my hair in this photo, it was so hot that I just wanted it off my face!

It was the mini backpack I'm wearing that kicked off my love for orange and red, I saw it on New Look's Instagram and then found it instore but for some reason didn't buy it! It's a mini backpack with a long over the shoulder strap, something I've never seen before, but it means it's perfect for me as powerchair user as obviously I can't carry a backpack on my back. I immediately regretted not buying it and it was sold out online as well, I was gutted. I went shopping with my family a few days after though and I spotted it again and this time it was in the sale! I was so glad I didn't buy it full price days before. I'm basically obsessed with the bag now and I think we'll be inseparable this summer.

The red top was a bargain that I picked up in H&M for just £5, although it's not on sale on the website unfortunately. It's a mesh top so I had to find a vest to go underneath, I could only find an orange one but I don't think you can tell that one top is red and the other is orange! The jeans were a bit of a bargain also, I've not had much luck with Primark jeans for years now but I spotted these skinny high waist ones and they had them in the 34inch length, I was so happy when they fitted really well. I couldn't say no when they were only £9, I'm considering going back to buy another pair in a different colour.

These shoes will probably be familiar to you as I wore them in my last OOTD, because I'm just in love with them. How can you not love shiny rose gold trainers? They go with just about any outfit and they work in every season too I think! One bonus of being a powerchair user is that I won't scuff them up so they should stay all shiny and pretty for years to come.

I encourage all of you to try and step out of your comfort zone this Summer because I've ended up absolutely loving this outfit, when just months ago I wouldn't have worn anything like it!