3 Must Have Apps + The App Map Of Britain

Recently I got a bit of a phone upgrade! I'd been stuck with a 8gb iPhone 5c for 2 years and was sick of having to delete and re-download apps everyday due to how little space I had, I could only have a few apps like Twitter and Instagram. I now have a shiny new iPhone SE though that has tons more space so over these past few weeks I've been downloading new apps and I've found some favourites!

I'm always interested in knowing what apps people use and I download so many useless ones but over time I've found some that are very worthwhile having, but of course I still have my most used apps. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the ones that I spend far too much time on so I was super interested to see what apps the rest of the UK spend their time scrolling through. Carphone Warehouse have brought out the app map of Great Britain so I can finally be super nosy!

Twitter came much further down the list than I expected and I was surprised that BBC News came above Instagram! Turns out Facebook has a lot more life in it yet too as it came top of the list! Pokemon GO in still in the top 40 too so apparently that trend has quite died yet. You can also use the map to check which apps your demographic uses more than others! Apparently I'm in the minority of women that love and play Angry Birds, the fan base is 83% male! So I thought today, inspired by the app map, I'd talk a little about some of the apps that I'm loving and use daily.

(excuse the fact that this isn't the best photo, I'm staying with family so don't have my camera or props!)

1. Dropbox

Dropbox was my saviour when I had my iphone 5c! I was able to download my photos into it, leaving me able to delete them on my phone. It also links up with my computer so they get sent straight there, which is especially handy if I've taken blog post photos on my phone. Even though I now have a lot more space on my phone I still put all my photos and videos in Dropbox, as I don't think I need 100 photos of my nephew stuck on my phone for no reason. I often like to flick back through Dropbox every now and then too as my photos go back a few years on there!

2. Google Drive & Docs

This is another app that makes my life so much easier! I have a Google chromebook so everything I do is through Google Drive, Docs, Sheets etc. I'll often write blog posts in Google Docs which means I can write them on my phone and then open up my computer and it will be ready to pop into Blogger! Again it also means that I can save photos etc in Google Drive and then find them on my computer too. So handy!

3. Amazon

When I wake up in the morning I do the usual thing of checking my social media and then I also check what deals are on Amazon! I rarely use Amazon on my netbook anymore as it's so much easier to use the app! I love flicking through the latest deals throughout the day and often catch products that are in my wishlist, saving myself some money in the process! It's also handy for those late night purchases, especially when it's minutes before midnight and you want whatever you're buying delivered the next day!

I'd love to know what apps you use the most! Leave a comment below!

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  1. I never thought anything would come about instagram honestly! Instead of dropbox I'm besotted with iCloud. I got my entire computer wiped and didn't think twice about it because my entire life is kept on iCloud!

    Katie // wordsbykatie.com