The Difficulty Of Getting A Good Night's Sleep

When it comes to sleeping I think all of us have probably had trouble with it at some point in our lives. Stress, mental health, lighting, noise and more can all play a part in getting to sleep and staying asleep. For me, pain and anxiety often leave me tossing and turning for hours, struggling to nod off. Whereas my partner falls asleep within minutes but ends up waking up several times throughout the night! I've always had trouble sleeping and I'm one of these people that needs complete silence to be able to sleep, which doesn't always go well when you have a snoring boyfriend & the loudest ticking clock ever.

I often try and combat noise by putting in a pair of ear plugs but then I sometimes end up not hearing my alarm in the morning! Luckily once I'm asleep there is usually no waking me, regardless of any sound that might be going on. Screaming children outside, my boyfriend getting ready for the day and even my alarm often doesn't wake me up! It's just the getting to sleep part that's the problem.

I'm sure we can all agree upon some of the basics that can help you to get a decent night's sleep though. A great mattress that suits your body is a must-have and mattressnextday.co.uk can help you out with that part, boasting one of the biggest mattress ranges I've seen from a huge variety of brands, there is something for everyone! Personally I like a firm mattress as well as firm pillows, nothing that I'm going to sink into too much!

I thought I'd leave you with one of the facts in the infographic above which really surprised me, did you know that your ears are more unique than your fingerprints? Amazing right! I suppose that's why we all need different environments to be able to drop off, I know I have really sensitive hearing which definitely affects my sleeping and contributes to why I need complete silence to fall asleep. Whereas my boyfriend is half deaf so can sleep through anything!

Do you need silence to sleep or are you like my partner, able to sleep in any environment?

*collaborative post


  1. This was a really interesting post Shona as like you I really struggle to get off to sleep, but once I'm down I tend to stay asleep until my alarm goes off. I've been treated for insomnia and other sleep issues related to things like depression and anxiety too so reading through all of this was really interesting, and I will have to check out the mattress company you mentioned as I've suspected in the past that small things like changing my mattress could have a huge impact, but I hadn't thought about earplugs before, so will have a go with those too. Anything about sleep I'm always interested because I've had such a varied and sometime difficult time getting the balance right so thanks for this! - Tasha

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I think my mattress could do with an update too, it's definitely contributing to some of my sleep troubles! x