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What a week it's been! Between the election, hospital appointments and the Blogosphere Cover Reveal party I've barely had time to rest, let alone blog! It's been a mixed kind of week with the prospect of a DUP/Conservatives coalition and a disappointing hospital appointment whilst on the other end of the spectrum I had a lovely night at the Blogosphere Cover Reveal and my little nephew has been keeping me smiling! So, I thought I'd do a little chatty post since it's been a busy week and I have lots of exciting things to talk to you about.

Top - New Look
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Matalan

At the end of last week it was my older Sister's 22nd birthday and we celebrated by having a lovely pub lunch, it was a beautiful day so we also took my 7 month old nephew, Harry, to the park! On the way back home I sat Harry on my lap and he loved whizzing around in my powerchair with me. I'm so glad he'll grow up around disability, seeing it as something completely normal and understanding the issues I face.

Since the weather was so great this week we also got Harry a little paddling pool to cool down in! At first he wasn't too sure but he started to warm towards it in the end!

This week I also had one of the appointments that I'm down south to attend, my spinal surgeon appointment. It went the way I expected it to, a year on from finding the Tarlov Cyst and my surgeon and his team are still convinced that the huge cyst in my sacrum isn't causing my pain and numbness. So, I tried to call their bluff and said, if the cyst isn't causing the problems then what is? As usual they responded with 'lets get some more scans' so I'm waiting to have a CT Spect scan in central London now, we hoped that I could have it done while I'm still down here but it doesn't look possible so that's more money that's going on train tickets to have more pointless scans. It should finally prove either way what is causing my pain though so if it makes them listen to me then it's worth it. On Tuesday I have my cardiology appointment to check up on my heart, I'm not too worried about that though as I'm going to wheel in and practically ask for them to do the major open heart surgery I need! I want it done and out the way!

 Photo credit - Blogosphere
Photo credit - Blogosphere

On a more positive note, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you would have seen that this week I attended the Blogosphere Issue 13 Cover Reveal Party! I was there because I'm in this issue! I wrote an article about the importance of disabled bloggers for them and it's across 4 pages, alongside some recommendations of my favourite disabled bloggers and youtubers. I'm going to do a whole post on the night, my piece and my favourite pieces in the magazine so stay tuned for that! If you pick up a copy then let me know what you think of my article!

I've also done a little bit of shopping this week and in addition to the blue New Look top I'm wearing in the photos at the start of the post I also picked up this one from New Look a few days after! It's safe to say that I'm loving their summer range right now. I'd seen this one on a couple of fashion blogs over the past few weeks but I wasn't sure whether it would suit me but I knew I had to buy it as soon as I put it on!

What a busy week! What's your week been like?

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