Blogosphere Magazine Cover Reveal Party

At the start of this year I sent an email to the lovely team over at Blogosphere Magazine and back then I don't think I could have imagined that I'd be writing this blog post today. That email was a pitch, an idea I had for an article that I really wanted to write for the magazine but I really didn't think that the creator of Blogosphere, Alice Audley, would actually say yes. I wanted to write a piece on the importance of disabled bloggers and the impact that we have and I'm so glad that Blogosphere welcomed the topic with open arms, I'm still so grateful that they gave me a platform.

As a contributor to Issue 13, starring Louise Pentland as the cover star, I got the chance to attend the Cover Reveal Party and the date of it happened to coincide with when I was down south staying with family to attend some hospital appointments so I couldn't say yes to the invite quick enough! It was such a lovely night and the room was filled with a huge variety of bloggers, so I really wanted to talk a little bit about it and my piece in a dedicated blog post! Enjoy!

A little about my piece first, it's all about disabled bloggers and how much importance we have as a community, something that has been overlooked a lot I think. I really wanted to show people how much of a voice we have, how we support and empower each other and how really we aren't as different to everyone else as some might think. I really wanted to, and still want to, show people how my disability doesn't have to be a barrier to you enjoying my content. I spoke about Jordan Bone, a quadriplegic vlogger who has gained a huge amount of popularity, in my post as it really demonstrated how abled people can enjoy disabled people's content. She doesn't shy away from discussing her disability but at the same time people can see her love for makeup and her talent for applying it. I recommended a few other disabled blogger's and youtubers in the piece too so I want to link them here as well as I think all of them deserve a lot more attention and praise, simply because their content is so good!

Sarah in Wonderland - blog - twitter - instagram
Annie Elainey - youtube - twitter
Emily Davison (fashioneyesta) - blog - twitter
Robyn Lambird - youtube - twitter
Sophie Bradbury-Cox (fashionbellee) - instagram - twitter

 Photo credit: Blogosphere
 Photo credit: Blogosphere
 Photo credit: Blogosphere
Photo credit: Blogosphere
 Photo credit: Blogosphere
 Photo credit: Blogosphere 
Photo credit: Blogosphere

Now, on to the actual night! The cover reveal party was held at The Lanesborough hotel and it was a stunning location! The chandeliers hung from the ceiling were simply stunning and honestly I don't think they could have found a more beautiful room to hold the night in. I attended alone but soon I found a welcoming group of bloggers to chat with, including Susie Chan, an endurance runner, and Hollie from Pretty Big Butterflies who were both really lovely. Alice, Albertine and Elaine from Blogosphere Magazine all made me feel very welcome as well and even found me a chair so I could rest when I needed to throughout the night. 

There were drinks and some seriously tasty food going around the room all night and all the staff on the night were friendly and more than happy to keep returning to our little group with all kinds of food! The atmosphere in general couldn't have been nicer. Benefit Cosmetics and Burt's Bees were there on the night topping up people's make up and giving hand massages, I passed on the hand massage as I didn't want to freak anyone out with my dislocating joints! We did all get to leave with some lovely products from them and other brands to try out at home though which was so thoughtful, I never expected to come away with so many nice things to try out! I've listed everything we were kindly given below and I'm sure you'll be seeing reviews of them, especially the Burt's Bees products, popping up on my blog over the next few weeks.

Next 'The Chiltern Collection' Luxury Fragranced Candle - buy here
Burt's Bees Cleansing Oil - buy here
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Benefit Cosmetics 3D Browtones Eyebrow Enhancer - buy here
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Eventually the time came for the Issue 13 cover to be revealed! Alice said a few words and introduced Louise, who was her usual entertaining self and they both looked gorgeous. Louise had family and friends with her and it was so lovely seeing them all look really happy for her, it was a nice environment. You've probably seen the cover by this point, as well as the other photos, and I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that Louise looks absolutely stunning! The wonderful Alex Cameron was the photographer, I'm sure you're familiar with her work and once again her talent for photography blew me away.

After the cover was revealed we were all handed a copy of the magazine and of course I flipped to my piece straight away where I was quite frankly shocked to find that it had been given 4 whole pages! I was really overwhelmed and the feedback on it has been so positive, I'm really glad it's gone down so well. The rest of the magazine is filled with incredible people too and it's a really diverse issue so I thought I'd mention a few of my favourite pieces!

Photo credit: Blogosphere

Straight after my piece is one about Hayley Goleniowska and her blog Downs Side Up which is all about her family life and her mission to change the dialogue surrounding Down's Syndrome. It's a great read with some really beautiful photos of her family, I'd really recommend taking a look at her blog. 

At the beginning of the magazine there is also a really great interview with Caroline Hirons where she doesn't hold back anything! I really loved her honest answers and approach to the industry and bloggers, again there are some really fantastic photos alongside it too. 

One piece in the magazine that I could really relate to is Laura Jopson's (of Twins That Travel) piece about the representation of anxiety and depression in social media. She discussed how anxiety has been given a lot more of the limelight online and you can find a lot more content on twitter, blogs and youtube about it compared to content about depression. As someone who suffers with both anxiety and depression I found myself nodding along as I read her words. I feel like it's much more okay to speak honestly about anxiety compared to discussions about depression and I really applaud Laura for verbalising this and opening up a conversation. 

My other highlights include the piece about Laura Jane Williams (a woman that I truly admire), Georgina Grogran's (of She Might Be Loved) fashion blog picks and the piece about Chanel Ambrose, someone who I hadn't heard of before I read all about her in the magazine (what a woman!). 

Now that is what I call a jam packed blog post! I know it's been a long one but I really wanted to do the night and the magazine justice so I hope you've enjoyed reading about both!

What are your highlights from Issue 13?


  1. This looks like a lovely night and I'm so glad you got your article published! I am feeling more confident now, as a blogger who is also autistic as I am seeing so many people being open with their disabilities and being welcomed into the community (as we should be of course). I don't think I would have been able to cope with a loud busy event like this but I think it's something to work up to one day as these events look so fun!

    1. Thank you! I'm really glad to hear that. The event itself wasn't too loud actually, as someone with anxiety I was pleasantly surprised and coped better than I expected :) x