OOTD | Summer Is Approaching

Summer is well on it's way and I cannot wait to welcome it with open arms. Summer for me means my 20th birthday, exciting trips out but most importantly: I can ditch my blanket! I've been wanting to start doing OOTD posts for a while but everytime I leave the house for the past 4/5 months I've had to bundle myself up in my big coat and blanket, which are both black so all you see is my little head poking out! The weather is warming up though and finally I can expose my style to the world, that's when I find it anyway. I've always struggled when it comes to finding my style and the best way I'd describe it is: comfortable. I love trying new trends and attempting to be 'stylish' but for me comfort always wins and I end up in my Harry Potter tops time and time again. But, I have vowed to myself that I will try harder this Spring/Summer to broaden my horizons and try something new and hopefully I can record all that through these OOTD posts!

TOP:  Primark
JACKET: Tu @ Sainsburys
JEANS: New Look Tall ~ similar here
SHOES: ASOS ~ similar here

I feel like I've been waiting throughout all of Autumn and Winter to be able to wear this jacket! I got it last year on sale quite cheap in Sainburys (don't rule out supermarket fashion lines!) but at the time it was way too cold to wear but finally we're getting the odd day where I can wear it without freezing. For most people they would have no problem wearing this out during the past few months because when you're walking you're warmer but let me tell you, when you're sat down all the time you get very cold very quickly! So, I've had this outfit in mind for a while and was pretty damn happy when I finally got to wear it. When I posted a photo on social media it was my shoes that got the most attention though because who doesn't love shiny rose gold shoes? I got these in the sale on ASOS and I can't find them on there now but there are plenty of similar pairs out there for anyone who loves them as much as I do!

Hopefully the weather will continue to improve and we'll get more sunny days like the ones we've had recently so I can keep doing more and more OOTD posts!


  1. I love that bomber - Sainsburys is SO good for clothes, you're so right not to outrule supermarket clothes lines they're all pretty good I think! I'm pretty sure I have those Asos trainers or some reallly similar anyway and I basically live in them!
    Amy x

    1. I really love Asda for clothes too, a bit cheaper than Sainsbury's as well. I hate how supermarket fashion lines get knocked so much but they are just as 'on trend' as anywhere else! x

  2. Love the jacket. I am dreading summer.. I know I sound awful but it wreaks havoc with my fentanyl and ugh sweat. But I do enjoy the sandals hehe. Looking forward to more OOTD posts.

    1. I always say I'm looking forward to Summer but these last few days have definitely been too hot for me to handle, lots of near fainting spells! x