Friday, 10 February 2017

That Lame Company #BoxOfLame

Yes, Christmas was months ago and yes, this is post is very late and yes, you can't buy this box anymore but, it's full of so many awesome things that can be bought individually so I still thought it was worth doing a review! If you aren't familiar with That Lame Company then I really suggest taking a peek at their website, they're an online shop that sell everything from gorgeous prints to notebooks and of course the famous Box Of Lame bundles.

The Box Of Lame boxes are something that until Christmas I hadn't tried as they sell out so quickly! This time around I set an alarm at the release time, ready and waiting with my card details to snap one up and I was so happy when I did. I'm a big stationery fan and I'd just gotten a new desk at the time so I was hoping to get some motivating prints to put on the wall too. The box did not disappoint and whilst you can't buy the box as a whole now you can buy a lot of the products individually so everything that I can link will be linked!

First up there were a wide range of prints in the box, just what I wanted! There were 9 A5 prints inside, 8 motivational prints and a 'Bloggers do it better' print, perfect for me! As I said above it was motivating prints that I really wanted to have above my desk so I can't wait to arrange these on the wall somehow, I've always loved the idea of having a wall of prints, photos and art. Then the other two prints are A5, a gold foil one saying 'let the adventures begin' and a red foil one saying 'sparkle, shine, shimmer & glow.' Unfortunately you can't get either of these on the website but you can make your own customisable foil print if either of the quotes take your fancy!

Next up is some stationery, my favourite! Inside there was a super cute cactus to do list pad with space to plan for 2 days, such a good idea I think as I'm forever moving tasks to the next day! There were also 2 sheets of thick and good quality paper to write down my new years resolutions and things I want to do more of, less of and things to try more and things to conquer. Unfortunately this isn't available on the website but I thought it was such a good idea! Finally there was also a weekly budgeting notepad planner, I love to be organised, especially when it comes to money so I've gotten a lot of use out of this.

Then we move on to the more quirky and cute items including a gorgeous copper wood candle holder! My boyfriend is a big candle fan so he's been eyeing this up but it's sitting proudly on my desk, a really nice addition. There were also 2 things that I used as tree decorations over Christmas, a gold sprayed pinecone and a slim cut of wood with the word 'Yule' on, they really did make great decorations and the pinecone doesn't have to be exclusively used at Christmas either! 

Next up are some edible treats! There was a little bag of hot chocolate with marshmallows in that looked like a reindeer, a cute little festive touch and I'm a big fan of hot chocolate so that got a big tick from me! Then I saw something that I've wanted to try for a long while, a sachet of Peanut Hottie! It's a peanut butter flavoured hot drink and I'm a huge fan of peanut butter so I was so happy that I had the chance to finally try it and it didn't disappoint. Definitely considering getting a full size tub of it! There were also some rainbow drops inside a cute little Sweet Treats bag that was provided by Liva Little Bakery, she makes the cutest bags that are great for wedding favours and invites! There were also a few little sachets on tea inside, sadly I'm not a tea drinker but I might give them a try.

Finally, some nice little extras including some wax melts from Emily Makes Boutique, a yankee candle and a cute little reindeer! There were also some paperchains inside but I got so excited that I wanted to put them up straight away, forgetting to photograph them! Overall I really love the box and it meant I got some gorgeous prints and I tried some other products that I probably wouldn't have chosen myself! 

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