Let's Have A Catch Up!

You might have noticed that during this month I have been a little quiet on my blog and social media and it's all because I've been incredibly busy, stupidly busy in fact! It's been a mixture of fun stuff, blog stuff and exciting plans though and I have so much in the pipeline right now so I thought I'd just sit down and write a chatty post about it all, (this isn't even everything either).

I started off the month by planning a post all about The Undateables, at first it was just going to be me talking about it but I decided to get other people's opinions too. It turned out to be the post that I've spent the most time putting together but it was well worth it. It's had thousands of views and it's struck up a lot of conversation in the comments as well as on Twitter. From there I just got the bug when it comes to talking about disability and posts about the wheelchair space on buses and changing places toilets quickly followed. The result of this has been that the top 5 most popular posts on my blog right now are all disability and health related which gives me the biggest smile on my face. I used to be scared of talking about my health and disability related topics after getting comments along the lines of 'you're an attention seeker' in the past but I've finally gotten past that and I have so much motivation to write about such topics. I also talked to Viking FM about the Supreme Court case regarding the wheelchair space on buses, that was the second time I've been on the radio now and I'm starting to really enjoy doing it!

Then I finally got my haircut after going about 9 months without a trim, this happens a lot because of my health. Going to the hairdressers is a task that I find really challenging when you mix together how long I'll be sat up still for, bending back to have my hair washed etc. But, it was well worth the pain! I think I could have gone even shorter but I'm happy with how it looks and I even have the beginnings of a fringe, I'm working my way up to having a proper one! Most importantly though it is much easier to style and my arms are very thankful for that.

I also started my acupuncture treatment this month, something that a few months ago I was very sceptical about. However my pain has reached such high levels that I just said to myself 'I'll try anything!'. I had my assessment first where everything was explained and once I knew the science behind it I completely changed my mind. I'm having it done in my lower back and my knees and my first session went really well. I didn't feel any of the needles going in and when they turned the needles it actually felt really good. I found the whole experience to be really relaxing and by the time this post has gone up I'll have had my second session, I'm looking forward to it a lot.

Next on the list of things to tell you (I did tell you it's been a busy month!), not too long ago I went to an awards night! If you don't know my boyfriend runs a disability sports charity that funds equipment for disabled sports players, sports chairs are very expensive! Every now and then he gets nominated for an award and we get to dress up and have a night out, a rare thing for us since we are both disabled. Even though he didn't win we had a really lovely time and I love the dress I wore, a dark green midi dress. It was the first time I'd worn a midi dress and I'm a complete convert, I've already ordered another for the next awards night we are going to!

Finally, last week I visited my sister, nephew and grandparents. My sister lives down south and was up here to see our grandparents who live about half an hour from me, I hadn't seen my 9 week old baby nephew since Christmas so I was over there like a shot when I knew they would be coming up! I've never really been a baby person but Harry is just adorable and I spent the whole day getting in as many cuddles as possible. He's just started doing little smiles too, not wind smiles, and it is just the cutest and most wonderful thing to see.

Well, that's it for this month! Next month is jam packed too though since it's Marfan Awareness Month and just in the first week of February alone I'll be in Leeds to watch the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour and then a few days after I'll be going to see a rugby game in a box (perks of having a boyfriend with a charity). My blog won't be so quiet though as I have lots of posts planned for awareness month so keep your eyes peeled for some new content!


  1. Sounds like you've had an awesome month and I love your new haircut and green dress! I'm off to catch up with your Undateables post! x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  2. Your hair looks amazing! One of the best things I did was chopping off a load of my hair after years (as in something like 16 years) of it being really long. I'm also increasingly struggling with going to the hairdressers because of having my hair washed. It wasn't quite as bad when I went to a new salon for the first time recently but at my old one it was really getting painful x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. Thank you so much! I tried switching salons several times to try and find a more comfortable one but think I'm just reserved to the fact that going to hairdressers is just a painful experience unfortunately! x