Curvy Kate | #TheNewSexy Campaign

Today I just wanted to talk about a new campaign by the lingerie brand Curvy Kate, I don't often do spontaneous posts like this but then again I'm not often this blown away by a brands commitment to being diverse. Curvy Kate is a brand that is quite new to me, I'd not really come across them before as until recently my bra size was too small to be able to buy their gorgeous bras. I recently found out that I had been wearing the wrong size though so I can now treat myself to their lingerie and I couldn't be happier about that especially after seeing this campaign.

Their body positive lingerie brand Scantilly by Curvy Kate have launched the next edition of their #TheNewSexy campaign. It's made up of powerful woman who are challenging the mainstream perception of what 'sexy' is and looks like. The models have a variety of skin tones, body shapes, backgrounds, abilities and ages, the diversity of this campaign is at a level that I have never seen before. I very rarely see myself represented in the media, not many people view disabled people as being 'sexy' and the media portrays us as being the exact opposite of that. So, to look at something like this and to be able to see myself alongside other incredible and diverse people means the world to me.

A report run by The Fashion Spot in November 2016 explored the range of models cast for Autumn/Winter fashion campaigns and it found that only 23.3% of the models were of colour, only 4.1% were over the age of 50 and only 3.2% were plus size. The stats for disabled models weren't mentioned and by my guesses and what I've seen I would guess that the number for them would be very close to zero. We all think that things are moving forward and are changing but the reality is that things aren't changing anywhere near as much as they should be. Curvy Kate are setting an example for everyone else though, they are showing people that everyone is beautiful, no exceptions.

I rarely feel beautiful when I'm sitting in my wheelchair or powerchair but seeing Gemma Flanagan looking stunning makes me feel so much better about my own body. I'm not beautiful despite using a wheelchair, I'm just beautiful. On top of that even less so do I feel sexy, everything around me tells me that there is nothing sexy about being disabled. That's why campaigns like this really do make a difference to people like me, people who are sick of seeing the same kinds of models on TV, in magazines, online etc. People who just want to feel represented. Well done Curvy Kate, and thank you.

Read more about the campaign here.


  1. Ooh the lady in the purple set is Jan Rook! I don't know her as such but she's a fellow Supporting Artist and I've her seen her on a couple of the casting facebook groups and have probably worked with her in the past x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty