Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks | Review

When I first started blogging and trying makeup I only ever wore matte lip products, glossy and shiny lipsticks never interested me and I thought they didn't even suit me. I did eventually branch out more though and using matte products became a thing of the past until this year. I've found my love again for matte lipsticks and most of the lip products I use most regularly are matte now! Lots of brands have gotten on board with this trend now, including one of my favourite affordable brands, Seventeen. I use so many of their products on a regular basis now so I had high expectations for their mega matte offering.

Each lipstick is only £4.49 each and the range is quite impressive for a highstreet brand, there are 12 shades to pick from and there is such a variety that I'm sure there is a shade for everyone there. I've been trying out 3 shades over the past few months, a light one, a medium toned one and a bold darker one, I picked these out so I could see what the pigmentation and wear time is like across different kinds of shades as often the darker colours tend to perform a lot better than the lighter ones.

Firstly I really love the packaging, sometimes a simple matte black design is all you need but the glossy chevrons make them stand out just that little bit more, I really love when affordable brands pay attention to packaging and design. It's the product inside that is more important though! I tried out the shades The Coral Of The Story, Looking Buff and Roses Are Red.

The first time I used these I found they needed to warm up first a little to be able to apply them smoothly, after the first application though I didn't have any problems. However I did find that they looked a lot better on when I applied some lip balm underneath first. As always the darker shades were more pigmented and took less coats to build up meaning that sometimes the lightest shade, The Coral Of The Story, did sometimes appear a little patchy because you have to build it up more than the others. As always I didn't leave the lipsticks on long enough to dry completely matte before taking photos but they definitely do dry to a completely matte finish (I'm rubbish at taking photos of makeup on!).

Seventeen claim that these can last for up to 13 hours, I didn't wear any of them for that long but definitely found that after eating they needed a top up. The more times I topped it up during the day though the more drying I found them to be so I'd make sure to keep a lip balm handy and that sorted the problem out nicely, you are always going to have a bit of a dry feeling with matte lip products I think. My favourite shade out of the three was Looking Buff, it's the perfect everyday shade and great for Autumn I think. I found that the light pink shade didn't really suit me all that much but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the red shade. red is a colour that I rarely wear, I don't really have the confidence to pull it off but I think with the right outfit I could definitely see myself wearing this one more.

If you're looking for an affordable matte lipstick to try out then Seventeen is definitely the brand to go to, for under a fiver each they are a bargain! There really is a shade for everyone too, ranging from nudes to even a purple! All I'd say is keep a lip balm handy for touch ups, other than that it's a really pigmented and long wearing product for the price and I'd definitely try more shades.

You can buy the Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks from Boots, online or instore.

These products were sent to me for review consideration but this does not affect my opinion and I am always 100% honest.


  1. The middle one does look lovely on you! The other two do too but that's my fave :) they sound great, definitely going to pick one up! Xx

    1. It looks to be a favourite amongst a few bloggers I've seen! x

  2. Love the last one on you Shona although they are all nice x

  3. These look amazing, I quite like the packaging as well! x


    1. The packaging is gorgeous isn't it, so sleek x

  4. They all look lovely on you, the packaging is lovely too and they're a great price xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo