Hip Replacement | 6 Months Post Op

6 months ago now I was in the very early days of my recovery from my 3rd operation, that's one every year for the past 3 years now. I'd be lying if I said it gets easier every time because it really doesn't, ever since I had complications after my first surgery (spinal fusion) I've lost a lot of hope when it comes to being rolled into the operating theatre one more time. These things take it out of you, physically and mentally and whilst this operation has been successful it definitely left me feeling worse off mentally.

It is really nice for an operation to be successful first time round I must admit though, everything has gone pretty smoothly with my first hip replacement and I'm really thankful for that. I think in a weird way me having so many other health problems aided me a little in my recovery as it made me felt like I was getting back to normal a lot quicker as of course my normal is leaving the house a couple of times a week and spending half my day resting. It wasn't an easy operation though like all my doctors told me it would be, it isn't as major as my spinal fusion but it certainly felt like it afterwards. My pain was pretty bad whilst I was in hospital and again for a couple of weeks at home and I struggled with the restrictions as I like to keep hold of the little independence I still have left. I made it through operation number 3 though and at least I'm more equipped to get through my second hip replacement now.

hip replacement surgery

I knew from the start that my left hip would also have to be replaced, what we didn't know was quite when this would happen though. There isn't as much damage in my left hip in terms of wear and tear and cyst development but I am still left with very little socket in the joint which is not a great thing. I'll be seeing my surgeon in September for my one year post op check up and this is when we'll discuss operating on my left hip, I predict this will probably be something that goes ahead early next year. I find it difficult to get my head around the fact that this has all happened in such a short space of time. I went into my spinal fusion surgery with so much hope, thinking this would help everything and be the key to going back to normal but it was only just the start of everything. I have been suffering with anxiety and depression because of this and I know this is a perfectly normal reaction after going from having only a mild and manageable connective tissue disorder to then suddenly needing lots of surgery and a wheelchair to get around, so I'm happy to talk about that side of things. I'm starting CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) at the beginning of next month so I'm hoping I'll benefit from that greatly.

Physically though I pretty much am back to my 'normal' now, all that is still affecting me is that I'll always have a higher risk of dislocation compared to others with a hip replacement. This is just something I'll have to be wary of and I can feel when my hip is twisting or moving too much and can re-adjust before it dislocates so for now I'm doing okay! As always I have to thank you all for your support, there are people who have stuck with me through these past 3 years despite everything and I can never say thank you enough for that.

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