What I Got For Christmas 2015

It would seem that I have not been alone this year in being hesitant about blogging about what I was kindly given by my friends and family for Christmas, it is something that seems to have split the community. Personally I love reading these kinds of posts, I'm nosy and I don't see the difference between this and doing a haul post to be honest. I did a little twitter poll and most people seemed to share the same opinion so I'm going ahead and sharing a few of the presents that I was lucky to receive this year. I'm not showing everything as I don't see much point, there's just a selection of favourites that I'm sharing!

My younger brother got me something that I've wanted for a while, a Sherlock POP! Vinyl Figure! He chose well and got me the Sherlock with Violin figure and omg how cute is he! I can't wait to get this out of the box and sit mini Sherlock next to my Tardis, that's about as close as we'll ever seem to get to Wholock being a real thing. Also, I have to mention this somewhere, how good was the Sherlock Special!

My boyfriend got me this Little Miss Blogger mug that has been making its way around Twitter and Instagram throughout the last few weeks. I absolutely love it, it really is the perfect mug for me! I can't wait to have a hot chocolate in it whilst I write a blog post or two.

For my 18th birthday back in August my best friend got me this stunning Thomas Sabo bracelet and for Christmas this year she got me a little London charm to go on it as a reminder of the day we spent together in the Summer in London, it was the best day and I love that I have a reminder of it forever now, it was such a thoughtful gift.

My older Sister knows me very well and got me a Harry Potter PJ Top and HP fluffy socks for Christmas! I don't think I'll ever have enough HP merchandise and if I'm having a lazy day at home you can almost guarantee that I'll be wearing one of my Harry Potter T-Shirts so I'm happy to have some more things to add to my collection. Also, who doesn't love fluffy socks.

My grandparents got me the throw and beautiful photo frame that are featured in the very first photo in this post, I've wanted a throw for so long and I've now found out that it isn't just great for snuggling up with but it also makes for a very good blog background! I also don't actually have any photos in frames right now as well so I'm looking forward to picking one to go in the beautiful one they got me. I'm so thankful and grateful for every present that I received this Christmas and of course I'm in no way trying to show off by doing this post!

I'd love to know what you got for Christmas, let me know in the comments and feel free to link to your own 'What I Got For Christmas' post if you've done one!


  1. I need that Little miss blogger mug it's so cute!
    Coleoftheball xx

  2. I love how thoughtful everything is, you've got some fab friends & family! The Sherlock figure is the cutest thing oh wow :')

    1. My boyfriend especially is so good at buying presents bless him, so so thoughtful :) Isn't it adorable, I want them all! x

  3. That little miss blogger cup is so cute! Some lovely things you got! x


  4. You got some lovely things, blogger mug twins :) xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Haha, seems a lot of people got that mug! xx