Two Bloggers, One Dress | #GeorgeTakesTen

A little while ago Talented Talkers asked on Twitter for people to share who their blogging best friend was and why, I've got a few but I mentioned the lovely Zoë who has been amazing to me recently. I sent over my tweet and thought nothing of it until we both got an email asking us to take part in a George @ Asda campaign where we would pick the same dress but show how we'd each style it differently! Me and Zoë are both very similar people but also very different in terms of height and style etc so we thought it might be difficult to decide on a dress but actually it was very easy! Neither of us claim to be fashion bloggers and after having to take these photos on 3 different occasions and still not being 100% happy with them it is clear that I'm definitely not destined to be one but it was a bit of fun and I genuinely love this outfit!

Everything I'm wearing is from George which you can buy either online or in Asda stores and can you believe that the whole outfit comes to under £80?! The dress* we picked is made from a surprisingly thick material making it perfect for this time of year and the length is really nice, I always struggle to find dresses that are long enough due to my long legs but this is a good length for me, even if it's windy you are unlikely to flash anyone! The dress has really nice lace detailing on the shoulders that carries on to the top of your back and I think you could definitely either dress this up or down!

I paired it with a pair of sparkly brogues* which I love and they are perfect for the festive season, I thought they might rub my feet a bit but actually they haven't at all. These pair really nicely with jeans as well for a more casual look. I thought this would be a good outfit for when I'm travelling on the train for 3 hours up to Hull so I also chose this suedette detail tassel bag* which has plenty enough space to fit all my travel essentials in and it matches the outfit nicely. Since this is a dress and not my usual jumper and jeans outfit I knew that I'd need a warm coat to go on top of it so I went for this cosy black coat* that is simple and would go with anything, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be on the website anymore but check your local Asda, it's around £20 which I think is a bargain for a coat of this quality and warmth! Finally I wrapped myself up in this oversized scarf* which again I can't find on the website but I've found one with a very similar design for you instead. I have to say if you spot any of their oversized scarves in-store I urge you to try them on as they are super cosy!

So that's how I styled the dress, head over to Zoë's blog to see how she styled it! I love what she paired with the dress and I think she looks fab so give her lots of love!


  1. The shoes are so nice!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  2. I've bought quite a few items of clothing from George, always a good fit and really great value, cant go wrong, kids clothes are great from there too x