Murder Mystery Evening w/ bgo

Last week I headed into central London with my trusty sidekick Lisa to go to my first blogging event that I'd been to in quite a while! We met Sarah and Becky at the train station and then headed off to find the Somerstown Coffee House where the event was being held. None of us had a huge idea what we would be getting up to other than the fact that we were going to be attempting to solve a murder! I'd always wanted to do a murder mystery evening or dinner so I could put all my hours of watching Sherlock to good use!

We were put into two teams and then set off with the lovely people from Agent November to hopefully solve a mystery! I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but the lovely guy who was working with the team I was in was really good and we all had a laugh. We had an hour to try and solve a murder by finding clues and working out codes! It was definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be and unfortunately we didn't end up finding the murderer but we did come very close!

Afterwards both teams came together and as you can imagine we were thrilled to find out that the other team had managed to solve the mystery! We tucked into some amazing Christmas food and then didn't stop laughing for the rest of the night! We all tried out some of the bgo games on our phones as well and things got a tad bit competitive. Overall I had a really lovely night after laughing more than I ever have before! Take a look at Becky's, Lisa's and Sarah's blogs if you don't already follow, they're pretty awesome girls. Also a big thanks to Joe Blogs for putting on the event!