Looking back on 2015

2015 has truly been a rollarcoaster, as always it has been a year full of amazing experiences but also some not so great things. I wrote down a few goals and hopes for 2015 at the start of the year and I'm not sure how well I really completed them but what I do know is that I can look back on the year and see how much I've changed for the better and remember some amazing times. I thought instead of looking back on my goals I'd take you through my year, mainly the positive experiences but it wouldn't be a true representation if I didn't include some of the not so good bits.

2015 started off with me cutting my hair a lot shorter, I'd spent years growing my hair out to find out that actually I think I preferred it shorter! It isn't quite this short now but it isn't super long either, I've found a nice middle ground thanks to me plucking up the courage months ago to take the plunge and go shorter!

From January to March now as I didn't seem to get up to much in February but this totally made up for that. I was so so lucky to go and see McBusted on tour, me and my boyfriend had a blast and it was everything I had hoped and imagined it to be! When I was younger McFly and Busted were two of my favourite bands so I really loved reliving it all and singing out all the words.

Throughout the next few months my health started to get a lot worse and so I wasn't blogging much and I wasn't doing much in my personal life either. I started up a second blog to try and document my experience with Marfan's Syndrome but I kind of failed at that! I was spending a lot of time at hospital appointments and planning for yet again another surgery so everything took a back seat until Summer really!

In July I managed to find some time where I was well enough to head up north to see my grandparents and boyfriend. I had 2 days at the coast including a day at Bridlingotn which is one of my favourite places ever! We got so lucky with the weather and I really did have a lovely time, I can't wait for the warmer months to come around again so I can head back there.

In August I finally got to meet my best friend Katie in person, she has very similar health problems to me so it took us about a year to meet but it was worth the wait as we had the best day. We headed into London and went to the Natural History Museum, went on a Thames boat tour and then had a walk around the Sea Life Aquarium. We can't wait to plan another day together! Also in August I had my 18th birthday and I celebrated by going to Brighton for the first time with my older sister.

September was the busiest month of the year and it started out with another trip into London, this time for a couple of days with my boyfriend. We saw a few sights but the most exciting thing was that he took me to see Les Mis, I'd wanted to see it for ages and it really did not disappoint! I cried quite a bit and honestly I could see it over and over again.

The biggest thing that happened in September though is I had my right sided total hip replacement, I took a month long break from blogging because of it as it was more tough than I had first anticipated. I really thought it wouldn't be as bad as my spinal surgeries but the pain was horrible and I really struggled to stick to all the restrictions, having your independence taken away is never fun. Next week I will officially be 3 months post op though and this is usually the point where people start to get back to normal completely and I'm definitely feeling tons better.

I also got a new blog design in September which you will probably be used to by now, I still love it and I'm looking forward to heading into the new year with a fresh look. From my operation onwards I've basically just thrown myself into blogging completely, I've been super proud of some of the posts I've done recently and I've also been lucky enough to attend a few events. I really can't wait to see what 2016 brings me, I'm hoping to up my blogging game a lot!


  1. What a great post Shona! I'm so glad that you've had some great things happen in 2015 as you truly deserve them. I'm crossing my fingers that you're able go get back to 'normal' post-op & that you have a fantastic 2016! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Thank you so much Tania! I really hope 2016 brings you lots of good <3 xxx

  2. Sounds like you had a really awesome 2015! I hope the recovery continues to go okay and looking forward to 2016!

    Jasmin Charlotte x

    1. I realised when I wrote this post that actually 2015 has been a lot better than I first thought, I think everyone should compile a list like this! Thank you :) x

  3. Ahh I love this post so much! I love how you let us as readers come along for the journey with you, and I'm super proud of you for all you achieved. :D I'm also so excited to see what's in store for next year!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

    1. Aww thank you lovely! Looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings :) x