Stay Comfy With Jimmi Jamms

I don't mean to boast but when it comes to PJs I'm pretty sure I know my stuff. Bad health doesn't have to be completely negative if you look at it in the right ways and one big positive is that I've got the best excuse to own and buy as many sets of PJs as I like as I kind of live in them! So you really can't blame me for snapping up the opportunity to try out some comfy pyjamas when Jimmi Jamms came knocking recently.

Jimmi Jamms are a brand that you might recognise if you've regularly checked out the Christmas aisles in Boots over the years. Since launching in 2008 they've built up a comfy clothes loving following through stocking Boots' shelves with their adorable attire but now they are going solo for the first time. They've launched their first online shop and have expanded their range as well so you can treat yourself all year round!

When the PJs I'd chosen arrived in the post I knew these would be very different to the cheap Primark ones that I buy all too often, a little bit of luxury had just landed on my doormat. I chose the Heritage Set* in a gorgeous light blue shade and they came in the cutest little box that reminded me of a milk carton! I can see why they've done so well selling these at Christmas as the appearance of the packaging really does make it a perfect gift for anyone.

Before I go on any further I just want to apologise for the lack of photos of the PJs, turns out clothes are really difficult to photograph when you aren't wearing them! The photos on the website are stunning though and do these justice a lot so I'd definitely head over there to have a good nosy at everything.

I can honestly say that these are the softest pyjamas that I have ever owned, I expected a little bit of luxury due to the price tag but I got a lot more than I thought I would! I like to be warm and cosy but at the same time I overheat very quickly so I don't like my nightwear to be too thick and these sit very nicely in the middle of that scale. The biggest bonus for me though is that the sleeves and legs of the bottoms are plenty long enough to accommodate my ridiculously long arms and legs! I find it so difficult to find clothes that are long enough so to come across some that are in fact a little too long is a miracle!

The design of these and the other pyjamas on the site are just adorable as well, I love the bunny print and I think it looks cute whilst also being grown up and classy. At £26 these are pricey but a very good investment in my eyes and they would make an amazing gift this Christmas! I've now got my eye on their Signature Hoodie which looks like it could potentially be the cosiest thing ever!


  1. Aahhhh these look so cute, LOVE the packaging. Great for Xmas pressies

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

    1. I would be SO happy to find these under my tree on christmas day!

  2. These look so cute! Love the packaging and how it matches the colours of the pjs!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. I've literally only just realised that the box matches the PJs haha! x