How Blogging Has Changed The Lives of Mine + Others

My blog's 4th birthday is quickly approaching and this has really got me thinking about just how much of a difference blogging has made to my life. I started this blog after feeling isolated at school, youtube and blogging was a whole other world to me and it has continued to be an escape from everyday life. I can say with confidence that I wouldn't be as happy as I am today if I hadn't stumbled upon the blogging community all those years ago. It's no secret that I've been through some pretty tough things over the past 2 years and honestly without my blog I fear I may have given up hope.

I'm not here to be a negative nancy though, this post is about all the good that blogging brings into people's lives! I know how much of a difference this little corner of the internet has made to my life but what I wanted to know was how it had changed others. So, I rounded up a few bloggers on Twitter and Instagram to give me and you an insight into the good that having a blog can bring into a persons life! This is going to be a very wordy post (in fact I struggled to think of photos to go with it) so get yourself a cup of tea and read on!

Blogging has changed my life because it has finally enabled me to be on the career path I have always wanted to be on but had deviated from. I've met some amazing people who have become some of my closest friends and I've had some amazing experiences that I would never have had without blogging.
- Futures

Since I started my blog nearly 5 years ago my life has really changed. I used to be a rather shy person, scared of meeting new people, and now I will happily go along to events and meet ups to meet like minded people, which I never thought I could do through my blog. Not only that, but its helped me to meet some amazing people, many of which I now call my best friends. When I started my blog while I was at university I had no idea what I wanted to do after, but my blog helped to open up opportunities for me and I've even found my dream career from it.
- Lisahh-Jayne

Blogging has changed my life in many ways. Without being able to blog I don't think I would have a purpose in life considering I am unable to work. It helps me escape from day to day life as it allows me to talk about the things that I love. I have made some great friends through blogging that I would never have met otherwise and I feel blessed to be part of the blogging community!
- Courtzmelv

For me my life has changed for the better since I started blogging because of the friends I have made since I started, I have made some incredible friends some of whom I'm very close to and consider my best friends. Also the support and kindness I have been shown from the people who read my blog especially with my recent health issues, I have had the nicest comments and emails from people who read my blog and to think that people who don't really know me care about me so much is overwhelming. And the last best thing, is meeting you!
- Mammaful Zo

I've been blogging for less than a year and it's already changed my life. It gives me a platform to discuss things I love and talk about issues I feel need to be shared. Opening up about my disability through blogging has brought me great friends, boosted my confidence and I've had so many incredible opportunities.
- Sarah in Wonderland

I first started blogging when I was 18 and didn't realise it's full potential until I started getting offers from brands and PR companies. In all honesty I made many mistakes and would easily lose the full passion to blog due to wanting to 'please' others with my post and simply write what people wanted to read. This became really draining and wasn't 'me' in the slightest, I created a new blog and now write for myself about things that interest me, from fashion to the controversies of life. If I inspire others with my posts then that makes me truly happy. I never fully realised that I wanted to head into social media and marketing after university and it's definitely a goal of mine once I graduate. I've learned so much about SEO and promoting my blog as well as taking better photos and honing my writing skills.
- Tia Mia Diaries

I started writing my blog at a time when I was looking for a hobby and looking for help with beauty products. I found that product advice varied from person to person and I could not find a unified place that gave me the information that I needed, so I thought I would do it myself and hope to help others along the way. I was able to create a beauty regime, make friends and discover products that I would not have known about. These days everyone has a blog, it is your journey so make it what you want it to be.
- Sherbert London

I've been blogging for almost three years now and in that time I've had three different blogs, each one deleted and removed from the internet forever due to one problem or another. This one I've actually stuck to though, and honestly, it's been my little happy place where I can ramble about the things I'm interested in and waffle on about life's little wobbles. It's been extremely therapeutic and it's where I turn to when I'm feeling a little bit lost. Most of my posts probably don't make a whole tonne of sense to others, but it's somewhere for me to look back on one day and hopefully see how far I've come. I hope people enjoy what I write though, I do put a lot of effort into my posts and even though primarily my blog is for me, I do hope people can relate to my rambles and maybe even find comfort in them' that's the best feeling ever.
- The Pale Girl

When I first shared my blog on social media I was terrified about what others would say and how my friends would react. I am so pleased that I shared my blog as it has made me realise that the saying 'those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter' is true. My self confidence has improved greatly and as my blog grows, I am growing more content with who I am. It's made me realise that everyone is different and that it is okay to be yourself. I have met some of the most incredible people through blogging and it makes me truly happy. I'm certainly much busier since I started blogging- in fact I can't remember the last time I was bored! Blogging isn't just rambling on a website, it is an outlet, a place bursting with opportunities and my favourite hobby.
- Lottie Pearce

I started my blog simply as a place to keep photos and everyday memories safe. I never even thought it would be anything more, but over the last 3 years my blog has grown to include reviews and earn me a part time income. I am so grateful for what writing has brought us as a family and it has definitely changed my life for the better- it has made it possible for me to work from home and spend more time with my babies instead of having to go back to full time employment. For that I will be forever grateful.
- My Family Fever

When I started my blog I really didn't expect much of it, I just thought of it as something to do in my spare time. Now it has turned into something I love and really get into. I take more time with photo taking, the writing and the time I dedicate to blogging during the week is my time. It's a time to relax and with the stress of life it's nice to sit back with my laptop and just talk my mind. I love that blogging has shaped my life, it's given me something to do in my spare time, share my passion and most importantly be part of an amazing community.
- Class and Glitter

Now you've heard from me and some other lovely bloggers it's time for you to leave a comment below telling me and everyone about how blogging has changed your life!


  1. Thank you so much for having me to be part of this lovely post, it's so nice to read everyone's words, the blogging community is a lovely place :) Without it I would have struggled to cope with a lot of things and even though I don't share everything and am quite private the support I do get is so important, and without blogging I wouldn't know you my lovely <3 lots of love and thanks again xxxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. No worries lovely, it was fab to have you onboard! :) Couldn't imagine life without my blogging mamma so good job we both started all this! Lots of love <3 xxxx

  2. Thanks for including me in this post, its great to see what blogging has done for everyone xx

  3. Awww! Some of these little paragraphs got me really emotional! Thank you so much for having me as part of your celebrations/reflections!

    Parie x

  4. Blogging has changed my life by giving me an escape & a creative outlet. I study law full-time and work in retail part-time; between that and partaking in work placements, I don't have a lot of time to do things I really enjoy. When I was younger, I always imagined myself working in journalism, and this is also a way to keep my love of writing alive xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. That's really nice that you can still continue to live that dream a little bit! My best friend is studying law and she never seems to have any spare time so I bow down to you juggling all of that! x

  5. I have to agree blogging helped shape who I have become!

    1. I think it must change everyone, even just by a little bit!

  6. Ohhh, I love this. It's such an inspirational post and I'm so glad to be part of it. Thanks, Shona!

    Sarah | sarahinwonderland.co.uk <3

  7. My blog has made me a much more organised person and someone who is up for going out and doing more things because I can show those memories off on my blog - almost like a diary! I've connected with some amazing, motivated people and the people around me have been so supportive it really shows who your friends are! I wouldn't take away my blog and I'm so glad I decided to keep it up.
    Shona x