BeautyUK Lips Matter Velvet Matte Lip Creams | Review

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a fan of lip products, when it comes to makeup they are my favourite kind to play around with. There are so many different kinds out there now though that it is almost impossible to try everything and one thing that I hadn't tried were velvet matte lip creams which seemed to have been everywhere over the past few months. I've never been sure about whether they would be my kind of product so I've been hesitant to spend nearly £10 on some of the ones out there so when a couple of budget ones came through my letterbox from BeautyUK I was very happy and willing to give them a go!

These products are brand new to BeautyUK's already wide range of budget beauty products, I'm a big fan of the brand and think they are very underrated as they have so many gorgeous products that no one seems to talk about!

The Lips Matter Velvet Matte Lip Creams* are available in 8 vibrant shades, an impressively big range for a inexpensive brand I think! I've been trying out one of the lightest shades 'that'll peach you' and one of the darkest shades 'radical red' so I think I've been able to get a pretty good idea of how most of the shades work. These luxurious lip creams promise to deliver intense colour and incredible staying power and I can definitely say that they deliver just that.

These have to be some of the most pigmented products in my makeup collection, they are more pigmented than some of my more expensive products! Unfortunately trying to take pictures of these on my lips didn't go too well as I'm not the best at applying such pigmented products but I hope the above swatches do it justice. I was particularly impressed by the red shade which was bold and packed full of colour, it didn't lean more to the orange or pink side at all, it was just the perfect red. The peachy coral shade was a little more difficult to work with because it is much lighter, it was a bit patchier but it boasted the same long lasting staying power of the other one. They could easily last you all day with maybe small touch up's here and there, it took me nearly all afternoon just to get these swatches of my hand!

As much as these are fab products though I have to say I don't think velvet matte lip creams are for me, I found them to sit a little too heavy on my lips compared to the usual products I use and you'd definitely need to moisturise your lips a lot before using them or else you might run into a bit of trouble. However, if you are already a fan of these kinds of products than I'd recommend you give them a go, at only £3.99 you really can't go wrong especially with that red shade. They also smell like blueberries which is a bit of a bonus!

You can buy these from the BeautyUK website and also look out for them in Superdrug stores!


  1. They sent me the Mrs. Bond and Shake Your Plum. LOVED the former. Latter needs work in my case. :P
    I envy thy coral shade!!!

  2. These look so pigmented! I struggle with matte lip products too but it's good to know there are cheaper alternatives!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. They are super pigmented! Collection do some fab matte lip products are well quite cheap :) x

  3. Ooh I've never tried these! Sorry to hear they didn't work out for you... I'll have to try them myself some time! :D The 'that'll peach you' shade looks lovely. :) xx

    Ashton | Beauty, Books and Babble

    1. Would love to know what you think of them if you do give them a go! xx