Back To Blogging + My New Hip

Over this past year it is safe to say that I haven't been on top form when it comes to blogging and although I've got so many good reasons as to why I hate that I've become so out of touch with it. My 4 year blogging anniversary is approaching fast and I've been thinking a lot about what direction I want my blog to take, I realised that I wasn't going to get anywhere without actually doing some blogging though! I can't gurantee you a certain amount of posts every week but what I do know is that I miss blogging a lot and now seems like a pretty good time to jump back into things.

I hate to call it a 'relaunch' but to a certain extent it is, I want to make lots of changes on here starting with a fresh new design. I'm really looking forward to shaking up my design a lot very soon and I've left my blog in Serena's (Pretty Wild Things) very capable hands, she's designed my blog multiple times now and I know she will give my blog the new look it needs!

Whilst this has all been happening I've been at home recovering from yet again another operation! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you'll know that about a month ago I had a hip replacement, I'm practically bionic now! As fun as having some pretty awesome x-rays is it has been pretty tough going through another major surgery and I just want to say thanks for all your ongoing support through these past couple of years, without my blog and your friendly faces I don't think I'd have got through everything with a smile on my face. The good news is though is that I'm recovering really well, I'm hoping to be off crutches within the next week or two!

That's it for now, just a quick update today to pop my head in and say hi! Look out for my new design and also my blogging anniversary is only about a month away and I'm planning a giveaway to celebrate and say thanks so keep your eyes peeled for that as well.



  1. Loving the new blog design Shona! & I'm super glad to hear you're in a good place and so determined :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock