Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit | Review

I hate shaving, I think the majority of people do but I've never looked into other options that much despite my dislike for it. Every now and then I'll buy a hair removal cream but for some reason I always go back to shaving, waxing has never really even come into my mind as an option until recently. A few months back I picked up some Veet Easy Grip Wax Strips that I got on really well with, I wish I'd discovered waxing earlier. Personally it's a lot better for my health as I don't need to wax my legs as often as I would need to shave them so it's better on my back and other joints. So, when I was contacted a few weeks back about trying out a Veet waxing product I jumped at the chance since I'd had such a positive experience previously, also this is a product that I had already started looking into.

The Veet EasyWax Roll-On Kit* has made my life so much easier since it arrived in the post so I thought I'd share why I think it's so great with you all!

I've been trying out the Natural Inspirations version of this product, that simply means that it is made with 90% ingredients that are from natural origin and it contains Shea Butter to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised. This claims to be an easy to use product that gives you long-lasting smoothness for up to 28 days, nearly a whole month.

In the kit you receive the self-heating device itself with the electrical cable, a base to hold it, a 50ml wax refill for arms and legs, 12 wax strips and 4 Perfect Finish Wipes. It costs £29.99.

 There are lots of things that I really love about this kit but the thing that really makes it so fab in my opinion is that it truly is super easy to use! I actually found this easier to use than the wax strips that already have the wax on, I didn't need to sit for ages warming up the strips with this, being able to just roll on the wax and put the strip on straight away was a lot easier and quicker. It does take 20-30 minutes for the wax to warm up but that gives you enough time to hop in the shower beforehand so it works out quite well!

Also it was completely mess free, I thought I'd end up with wax everywhere and over everything but I was so far from being right. If you did end up with excess wax on you then it is easily sorted by using one of the Perfect Finish wipes that come with the kit, they are so handy and clean up everything nicely. 

The only small thing that was a little annoying was that if you want to keep the wax at the same temperature for more than about 10 minutes then you need to keep it plugged in. The wire often got in the way which did make things a little trickier at times but it wasn't something that stopped me from enjoying the product and it definitely won't stop me from recommending it to you all. This is most definitely easier and more cost effective compared to shaving or even buying the wax strips that are ready to go with the wax already on them. One thing that I do know is that I wish I'd tried waxing sooner!

Shona x

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