Nokia Lumia 930 | Trying Something New

Over the past 2 weeks I've been trying out a phone that is very different to what I'm used to. My Mum is the only member of my family who has strayed away from Apple and gone for a Nokia Lumia phone over the past few years so when I was presented with the opportunity to try one out for myself I had to say yes.

I'm pretty sure the last time I had a Nokia phone it would have been my very first mobile, one of those super trendy bricks that came with possibly the best game ever: snake. It is safe to say that things have definitely progressed a lot since then and now Nokia phones are up there with the very best using some of the top Microsoft technology. For the past 2 weeks I've been experiencing what the Nokia Lumia 930 has to offer, seeing how it compares to my iPhone 4.

The 930 is one of the older Lumia models but I was still drawn into it simply because of the impressive 20MP camera that it boasts. It also has a front facing camera, very handy for selfies! I mainly use my phone as a camera on a day to day basis, at home I tend to use my tablet for social media so for me it is important to have a phone with a truly impressive camera. The lovely team at Microsoft assured me that this was the best they had to offer camera wise, I really didn't expect the quality that I was able to achieve with it though. My point and shoot camera is only 10MP so the Lumia truly did put that and my iPhone to shame when it came to taking photos. I took it along with me for a little trip to Brighton, the perfect opportunity to test out what it was capable of and it really didn't disappoint.

Something that helped me share these photos between my devices is the OneDrive that comes with the phone, you can sync your phone with other Windows devices and then share your photos between them as much as you like. It definitely made transferring these photos from the phone to my laptop so much easier!

If you are an iPhone user like me then I imagine you are very much used to the interface that Apple offer, it's tidy and easy to use so I didn't think that anything could really come close to what they offer. I really was wrong though as I quickly fell in love with the tile like display that the Lumia 930 provides, I adjusted to it with ease and didn't experience any problems with it. There were small touches that it has that made me smile like with the Facebook tile you can choose for it to change to a slideshow of your Facebook photos, a small but very nice detail. The huge 5" full HD screen is plenty big enough to accommodate all your apps as well, the size of the phone is something that takes a little getting used to though!

Personally I felt this was just a little too big for me, I couldn't really fit it in my pocket and sometimes I was a little afraid I would drop it because it didn't fit into my hand as comfortably as my smaller iPhone does. There is definitely a bonus to the size though, when hunting through my bag I can find this pretty quickly! The bold and bright green back to this phone definitely helps with that, I never lost the phone as you could see it from across the other side of the room. I really liked the green but I think I'm definitely more drawn to the orange version of the phone, matches my ginger hair!

 Alongside a decent camera the other thing that I need my phone to do is to have good social media access. I spend way too much time on Twitter and Instagram so having them both at my finger tips is important. It was very easy and quick to connect my Microsoft account and access the Microsoft Store, I'd downloaded all the apps I needed within a matter of minutes. Another feature that I was looking forward to experiencing was Cortana, Microsoft's answer to Siri. I found that what they offered is a little more personalised than Siri and I found myself using it a lot to schedule my life whereas day to day I barely say one word to the poor neglected Siri on my iPad  (my iPhone is that old that I can't even get Siri on it!).

So, after 2 weeks of trialling the Lumia 930 the only really problems or dislikes that I found with it was that sometimes it was a little too big and heavy for my liking, other than that I am truly overwhelemed by how much I've enjoyed this phone. I am now left with a dilemma, I'm looking into getting a new phone very soon so do I try something new and get a Nokia Lumia or do I stick with what I know? Trying out this phone for 2 weeks will definitely aid my decision making and I think in the end it might come down to the camera quality! This really can rival the brands that might be seen as bigger and better, this is less expensive and yet can offer everything that your trusted iPhone can, perhaps it might be worth looking into something a bit different next time you are due for an upgrade!

Shona x

I was kindly sent this phone to use for 2 weeks by Microsoft. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone else.


  1. Cool post. I have a nokia lumia.


  2. I've actually got this phone and I'm really happy with the photo quality, although they do need to reconsider their specs for the "selfie-camera". Like you said, there are some downsides such as the chunkiness and a lot of the Windows apps need a makeover, such as Instagram still in its Beta. :( But I do think it's a really good phone overall and Nokia is always very reliable. :)

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

    1. My Mum did warn me when I was trying it out that some of the apps weren't quite up to the standard of Apple's but hopefully this will improve over time! x

  3. I've never had a Nokia. The only time I've ever used one is when my phone broke and my Grandad let me have a very old one that was grey, with buttons and came with snake (one bonus at least). I'm currently on a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and I'm soon to be upgraded. This phone's been through the wars over the past few years (including being dropped in a mop bucket by my son). I'm so unsure what to go for, I'm currently paying £26 a month with Three and would of wanted to go for the S6 being a samsung fan but the contract is almost double for the package I need. I may go out of my Samsung comfort zone and go else where.. obvs I want the newest galaxy offering and won't settle for less lol x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    1. The new Samsung phone has caught my eye but the prices they are charging per month is ridiculous! You might find that Samsung is best for you but there's no harm in shopping around a little first, you might surprise yourself and love what Nokia have to offer! I know I was surprised by the standard :) x