So, I'm a rubbish blogger

I feel like I spend half my time typing up 'sorry for being a pretty awful blogger' posts but it is true, over this past few months I really have drifted away from blogging. My health as you may or may not know has been getting worse over the past few months which has been the main reason why I've been quiet. It does take me longer to take pictures, edit them and then type up a post at the moment but I really don't want to stop blogging so I'm determined to keep going. I want shake things up a lot on here though, make things a little more chatty and less professional I guess, something I strived for once upon a time. I will be back to blogging starting tomorrow I hope but posts won't be going up as often as they used to but hopefully I can slowly get back into the swing of things and come up with a schedule that suits me. I guess I just wanted to pop my head in to say hi before I get back into things as it has been a while since I've regularly posted!
I hope you are all well and enjoying the sun, thanks for sticking around whilst things have been slow on here!
Shona x


  1. No need to apologise, lovely. Your health comes first :) it's so difficult taking and editing pics, I had my bf (luckily he's photography mad and I've pinched his DSLR lol) taking some pics for me last week as I wanted to get some posts up but had no energy photographing. I'll send him round to help you lol.

    Sarah x