Not Just A Diagnosis | My New Blog

I mentioned a little while ago that I've been working on a new blog, Not Just A Diagnosis, for a few weeks now and finally everything is up and ready and my first post has even gone up. I'm really looking forward to writing posts for this new blog and to have a space to share my experiences with my health, chronic pain and anything to do with my conditions. I will no longer be sharing much, if anything, to do with my health on here so if you still want to keep up with everything head over to my new blog! I haven't got Blog Lovin' set up for it yet due to some problems but you can follow my new twitter account to keep up with everything and when new posts go up.
I really want to say thank you to everyone that has ever given me any kind of support throughout these crazy few years, it really has meant a lot and I don't think I could have gotten through everything without you lovely people. I've still unfortunately have got lots to face after already having major spinal surgery, a right hip replacement is next on my list which I will be documenting on my new blog. Hopefully now the blog is finished and up I can focus more on typing up some beauty posts for here as I have been neglecting this little space recently.
I really hope you'll continue to join me by heading over to Not Just A Diagnosis!
Shona x


  1. Hi! I just found your blog and it's amazing and quite helpful! I just started my own beauty blog and today I posted my first post, so you're welcome to check it out :) Love, Lucija


    1. Glad you like my blog, thanks for reading! :)