THX Spiralicious Bubble Wand | Review

Over the past couple of years I've really come to love curling my hair and have been using the same curling wand ever since, I've always been on the look out for something a little more different but can never seem to find anything in my price range, until now. Recently I've been trying out the new THX Spiralicious Bubble Wand which is definitely quite different to most hair wands out there, I assumed this meant you'd be paying a little more for it but as you'll see I was definitely wrong. I've seen this brand pop up on a few other blogs every now and then and knew it was available at Tesco but I always forget to go and have a look in person whenever I'm there. Tesco isn't the first place you'd usually look for hair styling tools either but it might be after today if you're a fan of hair wands like myself.
This unique tool has so many positives starting off with the handy heatproof glove that comes with the actual hair wand. It isn't as good as other ones I've tried but it does it's job of protecting your fingers quite nicely and I haven't burnt myself yet! The Bubble Wand has a ceramic coated barrel which is made up of 5 'bubbles' that make this product different from the rest. As you probably can notice as well it is quite long meaning it is perfect for those with longer hair, although it did makes thing a little trickier for me as my hair is only about medium length now. The bubbles in the wand enable you to create either tight curls by wrapping the hair in between the bubbles or you can create more messy waves by wrapping your hair around the bubbles, a bit of a 2 in 1 product!
I find that it heats up to it's temperature of 210 degrees really quickly, in under 30 seconds, which is one of my favourite things about it as I'm a little bit inpatient sometimes! Something else that stood out to me is the little metal clip that flips out enabling you to rest the tool on a surface without burning anything which I personally haven't seen before. The cord is 3 metres long which is incredibly handy as my dressing table is on the other side of the room to where the plug socket is, it makes it perfect for travelling as well as you never know where the plug socket will be! It has a clip on it to keep your hair secure whilst curling it but I just find it makes things more difficult, I much prefer to just freely wrap my hair around the barrel, it is nice to have that option there though.
I've found myself favouring this over my usual hair wand over the past month because of the different styles I can create with it, it creates effortless curls and waves that don't need much styling after. You really are getting 2 hair wands in one as well which is pretty impressive considering it's bargain price of £25, I couldn't really believe just how cheap it is! If you're a fan of hair wands and curl your hair quite regularly or are just looking for something new I'd definitely recommend giving this a try. You can buy it instore in Tesco shops or online, I've left the link below.
Shona x


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