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Ted Baker is a brand that I've tried in the past only once due to a range of their products flaring up my eczema but I'd always said that I'd give another range a go as other than the reaction I adored the products I did try. Therefore I was more than happy to see that they were bringing out 3 new body lotions and  3 new body washes in time for Spring, all with light scents and a elegant feel to them. I've had absolutely no reaction to the two products I've been trying out as well so hopefully this means I'm free to try a few more products from them, my Sister is a big fan of Ted Baker and is always recommending things from them to me!
Today though I want to talk about the newest products to the brand, their new indulgent body washes and body lotions, they are available in 3 stunning fragrances and each bottle features a beautiful 19th century print on them, amplifying the romantic charm and sophistication that the new products are trying to portray, quite successfully in my eyes! I've been trying out the No.2 body wash and the No.3 body lotion, both with an equally inviting scent.

The body wash is the first product that I tried out, it's No.2 in the range and is named Regents Square whilst it's matching body lotion is named Upperbrook Mews. The sweet, yet light, tones of this product are created by a beautiful mix of freesia, peach and amber. I'm not a massive fan of overly sweet and sugary scents but this one really has caught my attention as it is so light and delicate, not over-powering at all. I imagine if you wanted the scent to linger a little longer you'd benefit from picking up the matching body lotion as well, I myself am tempted as this is definitely my favourite of the two that I tried. As for how well if fairs as an actual body wash I have no complaints about it, it's a lovely product to use and you don't need much at all. I also love that both bottles have a pump as it just makes things so much easier!
The body lotion is from the No.3 duo and is named Furburts Place whilst the matching body wash is called Brompton Crescent. This scent is very different to the previous one in that it has more of a fresh scent to it which is created by a blend of lemon and jasmine, a luxurious combination. Again it isn't a heavy scent, it is a tad stronger than the body wash mentioned before but not by much and not enough to put me off at all. The product itself is very light and melts into my skin effortlessly, leaving it feeling very soft and gentle all day, it makes me want to moisturise more!
If you are looking for a little more luxury in your toiletries and something that is perfect for Spring then I think this new range will definitely suit you well, why not take a look next time you're in Boots!
Shona x

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