1 Year of Makeup Revolution | My Favourite Products

I think we can all confidently say that the bargainous brand Makeup Revolution have taken the beauty world by storm over the past 12 months, you are probably just as surprised as myself by the fact that it has only been a year since they caught everyone's attention. I've been very lucky to have been sent an array of different products from them over the past year and I've enjoyed every second of trying them out and telling you all about them! You definitely seem to have enjoyed my reviews and posts about them as well with some of my most popular posts from last year being about Makeup Revolution and their popular products. After a year of constant product launches you'd think they would be running out of ideas but they just never seem to stop and I hope that the next year brings just as much success for such a social and friendly brand.
To celebrate I thought I'd share some of my favourites from the vast range of products they sell, including a new palette from them that I am yet to tell you about on here. I've got a whole bunch of new products from them ready to review so look out for lots more Makeup Rev. posts coming up in the future, for now though here are some old and new favourites.

Since I've had this palette in my possession all my other blushers and highlighters have been ignored as this holds everything that I could possibly want and need to add colour, light and shade to my face. I have to admit that there are 2 shades in particular that receive most of my attention though, the first two on the top line really stood out to me from the start and now I use them nearly everyday to create my usual natural look. All 8 shades are well pigmented and the ones with a shimmer finish look stunning when the light catches them, I can't say that I wander across to the contouring/bronzing shades all that often but that's only because I don't contour very much, if at all these days! At only £6 this palette really is a true bargain, I don't think you would regret adding it to your makeup bag!
This is the newer product that I talked about previously, it isn't very new anymore as Makeup Revolution launch new products so quickly that I just can't keep up with all the excitement sometimes, better late than never though! This is another palette that comes in at only £6 and already it is a big favourite of mine. When I got my Urban Decay Naked2 palette I used only that for so long but now I've almost forgotten about it as I'm enjoying using this much cheaper one on a regular basis. It's a 3 looks in 1 palette, each section has 5 different colours that together can create the perfect eye look, I find palettes like this so useful as I never know what colours go with what so this makes things so much easier for me. Likw nearly all the eyeshadow palettes I've tried from Makeup Rev. the pigmentation is really impressive and the each eyeshadow has such a high quality despite the low price. The pink shimmery shade in the middle section had had a lot of attention from my makeup brushes, I never thought that it would be the stand out shade for me but the finish and pigmentation make it the perfect colour to sweep over my eyelids to brighten them up a little. I'll have a full review coming up very soon so look out for that if you want some more information before deciding whether to snap this up, I'll make sure to include swatches as well!
If you've been a reader of my blog for a little while you'll know that I am forever hunting for the perfect mascara, I've come close a few times but am yet to complete my little mission, this has to be the closest I've come to what I'm looking for though hence why it's a favourite of mine. What stands out the most to me with this product is the brush, you can see the shape more clearly in my full review. The shape of it makes application a lot easier as it fits the shape of my eye better than the average mascara wand/brush does, the curved shape means that I don't have to spend ages making sure that I've got every little lash on the corners of my eyes. It gives my lashes both length and volume as well, not too much of each though so I can still keep my look relatively natural, the way I like it. However you can definitely achieve a more voluminous and fluttery look with this, making it perfect for night time as well. The lasting power is great for the price, by about afternoon/evening time it does start to flake and smudge a little but by then I'm usually close to taking my makeup off anyway. If you're looking for a new mascara to try on a small budget then I'd really recommend that you consider this, I wasn't disappointed so I hope you won't be either!
If you're a regular reader then I can only apologise for going on about this product so much, I really can't help it though as it is so impressive in my opinion. I've always struggled with shaping and filling in my brows, it seems to be something that a lot of people struggle with so finding the right product for yourself is so important. This double ended brow product is definitely the one for me, the waxy pencil at one end is the side I favour more often but the felt tip pen like applicator is also handy to have. This is in the shade fair and is an almost perfect match for me, it is certainly a better match than any other brow product I've tried, it is so difficult to find a shade to suit you when you have fair skin and brows. The waxy pencil is easy to use and the formula of it means that it not only fills in the gaps in my eyebrows but it also keeps stray hairs in place, removing the need for any kind of brow gel. I find the felt tip end a little more difficult to use but if you can get the hang of it I think it would be able to create a really natural look as it enables you to draw in natural looking hairs. This would be the perfect product for brow beginners, especially as it costs under £5, it isn't often that you find such a good brow product for such a low price.
Makeup Revolution Defence Anti-Bacterial Serum and Primer*
To finish things off I've got a skincare favourite for you all, not something you'd expect from all makeup brands but I welcome the products with open arms, especially this one. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it on the website though, I really hope this doesn't mean that it has been removed from the range as in my eyes it is a great product! If they don't sell it anymore I can only apologise for raving about a product that you can't buy. I love using this in place of my usual Benefit POREfessional Primer every now and then as it creates a smooth base for my foundation whilst giving my skin a little hydration boost. I'll tend to reach for this dual product on days that my skin is a little drier and in need of more moisture. Fingers crossed it hasn't been discontinued as I'll miss it when it runs out! (Update- Makeup Revolution have told me that they don't currently sell it but we should look out for it's re-launch coming later on in the year!)
All that is left to say really is a big happy 1st birthday to one of my favourite brands, Makeup Revolution! As a little thank you Makeup Rev. are giving away a free gift worth £25 with every order over £25, so you are getting double the amount of products for your money! If you've been wanting to make an order now is definitely the right time to do just that, perhaps you could try out some of my personal favourites!
Let me know what your favourite products are from Makeup Revolution, I'd love some recommendations so I can add to my collection. Also tell me about the products that are on your Makeup Rev. wishlist, I'm eyeing up the highlighting palettes!
Shona x


  1. The blush palette looks gorgeous!
    I wish the had a better range of Revolution at my local Superdrugs.

    Casey - ATopsyTurvyBlog

    1. It is absolutely stunning! I'm not 100% sure if we even have Makeup Revolution in my nearest Superdrug, haven't been in there in a while! x