Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Makeup Revolution The Viper Mascara | Review

I always seem to be hunting for the perfect mascara, it's the product that I use the most so I'm willing to spend a little more on it and take longer to find the one that's right for me. You don't necessarily have to spend lots to get a good quality product though, something that Makeup Revolution conveys very well in their budget range of products. I'd been hoping that they would bring out an amazing mascara so when this came through my letterbox I popped it into my makeup bag straightaway so I could try it out.

Makeup Revolution The Viper Mascara* | £3

By now you'll probably know that Makeup Revolution are well known for their low prices so it is no surprise to see that this mascara is only priced at £3. The first thing that I noticed about this was the wand, it is a little different to most. On one side the brush gets wider in the middle and if you flip the brush on its side you'll see that it is also curved. I found that one side seemed to give my lashes length and the other was better at giving them a little volume.

I'd say my feelings are mixed when it comes to this mascara, I like the shape of the brush but I had hoped that it would give a little more volume to my lashes. It was able to add lots of length to them but not much volume at all. I also liked that it stayed on my lashes nearly all day, just smudging a little in the evening. The lack of volume lets it down though for me as that is something I really look for in a good mascara. Of course it is all down to individual tastes, you might love this mascara if you prefer to add lots of length to your lashes instead of volume. This doesn't quite reach the high levels of quality that other products from the brand have set but considering the price tag of just £3 it is a decent mascara, just not something I'll be reaching for everyday. It just didn't WOW me enough.

If you've given this a go let me know what you think in the comments, would love to hear some more opinions!

Shona x



  1. I'm quite skeptical about some Makeup Revolution products with how cheap they are, although I liked their cream blusher that I tried. I think trying more of them needs to be on my agenda this year!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    1. Definitely try more of their products, I'm personally a big fan and I haven't found many of their products that I don't get on with x

  2. I have actually never tried anything by Makeup Revolution before, but I have a feeling I wouldn't get on with this sort of brush. I am so used to a big, chunky, thick brush that this 'dainty' classic brush just wouldn't create the same affect I prefer. :) I have to say though, the affect it has on your lashes is actually really nice, maybe not for use everyday but for those days you can't really be bothered, I think this would look great! :) Also, did you try a 2nd coat, because that may have given you more volume. xxx (sorry about longggggg comment, I got carried away haha)


    1. Whereas I really don't get on with big chunky brushes haha :) aw thanks, I think it would be perfect for that as well! I did but it didn't make a massive difference unfortunately, will definitely be reaching for this on lazy days though :) haha it's ok, I love long comments! xxx

  3. This one seems to be a decent mascara enough to try out.
    Lovely review :)


    1. At £3 it certainly isn't the end of the world if you don't like it as well! :) x


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