Haul | Boxing Day Sales

I've got to be honest I didn't really intend on buying much if anything in the sales so this is a bit of an unexpected blog post! I didn't buy too much but I thought it was enough to share, I haven't bought any new clothes in a little while. I shopped in a few different places instead of just placing one big order with one shop, I even spotted a bargain in Asda which I'm very happy with. The sales are still on as well, especially online, so take a look and see what you can find!
I made a little order on Amazon on Christmas day, this wasn't actually in the sale but I thought I'd add it in anyway as it was really cheap! I've mentioned my love for the TV drama Sherlock a few times on here and social media now and whilst waiting for the special episode and 4th series I thought I'd definitely need something to keep my love for it burning so I found this book. This is Sherlock: The Casebook and it's only £3 on Amazon, a bit of a bargain and a must have for Sherlock fans I think. It goes into detail about the cases in the first two series', written in the style of John Watson with little post it note conversations between him and Sherlock. I think it's just something extra that gives you more detail about the episodes and more information about how Stevan Moffat and Mark Gatiss came to create the series.
When I popped into town a few days after Christmas I walked past Paperchase and remembered that I'd wanted to start a journal this year so I had a little look around the sale in there. There wasn't much in the form of journals but I did manage to find this little travel themed one for only £2.50, it was half price I think. It won't last me all year but it's cute and fits in my bag perfectly. I might have to go back to Paperchase soon and see what else they have, it's been ages since I had a good look through their range!
In New Look I treated myself to some new clothes, I hadn't intended to but this jumper and top caught my eye and before I knew it I'd bought them. The monochrome V neck jumper caught my eye first, it was only £8 down from £20 so I couldn't really leave it in the shop. I don't usually like V necks but this sits really well on me and I've been wearing it so much since I got it. The top I got from New Look is definitely something that is more common for me to buy, a boxy top! This Autumn/Winter I seemed to have grown to love these kinds of tops a lot so when I spotted this for only £5 I knew I'd be trying it on and probably buying it. I'll definitely be getting more tops like this very soon, I love pairing them with jeans and a blazer.
Finally this was definitely an unexpected buy, I spotted this dress in Asda after having a little browse through their sale. I didn't think I'd find anything so when I saw this for just £5 I was pretty surprised and happy that it fitted perfectly. It's a black dress with sleeves to your elbows, it doesn't really have any structure to it, just flows out. I've got a party/event coming up soon that this will be perfect for so I'm glad I spotted it, I'm sure you'll see it in an OOTD at some point!
Did you shop in the sales this year or did you give it a miss?
Shona x


  1. Ohhh lovely picks you have there! I also picked up quite a bit of things from the New Look boxing day sales!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty & lifestyle

  2. Great finds :) I think I spotted that boxy New Look top too but they didn't have my size! Love the little journal from Paperchase, Ive picked up some really nice home decor pieces from their sales recently xx


    1. Such a shame they didn't have your size! I think I'm definitely going to be shopping in Paperchase more often now :) xx