Makeup Revolution The One Blush Sticks | Review

As always Makeup Revolution have been bringing out new products all the time so it's been bit a difficult keeping up with it all but I finally have my review of the gorgeous blush sticks for you today! I'm a massive fan of cream blush as it is just so much easier than powder formulas and I've found myself reaching for only these or my NYC Blushable Cream Sticks recently which are similar but the colour range is rather limited. These blushes have even got me to try out contouring again, successfully I might add, so I've got lots of positive things to say about them, it's just taken me a little while to get round to putting pen to paper.

Matte Malibu* | Matte Rush* | Matte Pink* | Matte Dream
Malibu* | Rush* | Pink* | Dream*
This is a collection of eight cream blush sticks, 4 shades have a matte finish and the other 4 have a shimmer/satin finish so they really have covered all bases. The packaging is sleek and either has a matte or shiny finish depending on the finish of the actual product inside which is handy for when you are looking for a specific shade. This is especially true because once again unfortunately the shade names are on the boxes and not the product, this is one thing that does bug me a little as it just makes things a little difficult if you don't want to keep the boxes. However there is lots of good to be said about these easy to use beauties which are a fab dupe of the NARS Multiples.
The mattes are more pigmented than the shimmer shades available but this is to be expected I think, both finishes are impressively pigmented considering the £5 price tag though. Both have a very creamy feel to them meaning they melt into your skin effortless and are easily blended with either your fingers or a brush, personally I prefer to use a brush especially if I'm attempting to contour. The shade that I thought I'd really dislike is actually the one I've been using the most, it's Matte Malibu. I thought it would be really difficult to work with but actually if you use just a tiny bit it becomes easy to use and I've even been contouring a little. It's a shade that definitely won't work for everyone but with 8 available you certainly have a lot of choice.
This has to be one of my favourite launches from Makeup Revolution, I've found these so easy to work with and I've been wearing blush a lot more often thanks to them! You can also use them on your lips if you want to as well so I'd say you are getting a lot for your fiver. My favourite shades other than the above mentioned have to be Rush and Matte Pink, they are definitely worth taking a look at.
Makeup Revolution is available to buy in some Superdrug stores and also online on the Superdrug website or their own website.
Shona x


  1. These look so great - I want all of them! If only I could justify buying yet MORE makeup!! x

    Laura // Lola and Behold

    1. There's always a way to justify it! How about, it's Christmas so you deserve a treat? Try that haha! x

  2. I really love these. I couldn't believe how pigmented they were, definitely applied too much the first time! x


  3. Never tried a cream blusher but I am tempted to give these a try xx


    1. I'd really recommend them, I love cream blush! x