Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials

I love the colder months, especially Autumn, but I think my skin and hair would definitely disagree with me. I have dry skin anyway so the harsh winds and dropping temperatures just makes things so much worse and as for my hair, well it seems to become even more frizzy and unmanageable. Luckily over the years I've found a few products that help keep my skin soft and my hair looking half OK, I'll settle for half OK at this time of year, having thick long hair in Winter is a struggle. Of course I'm still always on the look out for new products to try though so do recommend me some in the comments below after reading about my essentials!

Both of these Aussie products do wonders for my hair all year round but I use them a lot more from about September onwards and I can really notice a difference. I've got lots of other serums and hair masks that I use as well but these 2 products are the ones that really make a difference. My hair feels so soft after just one use and the 3 Minute Miracle really does help to combat frizz. My hair is definitely a lot happier after I've used these products, if you struggle with frizzy dry hair I'd really recommend you give them a go, the travel sizes are great for trying them out and finding the perfect one for you.
I've tried so many different exfoliators over the past few years but the one that always comes out on top for me is the S&G Flake Away. Firstly it smells amazing, one of my friends hates the smell but I really love it! I find that it's gentle on my skin but not too gentle, I can't stand using exfoliators that barely do anything. My skin always feels smooth and soft after using this, I definitely feel refreshed afterwards. It is a tad pricey in my opinion though so I'm still going to be trying out other exfoliators to see if I can find a cheaper alternative!
This is my all time favourite S&G product, I always have one sitting on my desk as well as having a little travel size version in my bag. There isn't loads to say about it other than it does the job perfectly, it leaves my hands feeling smooth and soft for hours which is exactly what I want. Each tube seems to last me ages as well as you really don't need much of the product, it sinks into your skin so quickly as well without leaving a residue. To me this is the perfect hand cream and it doesn't cost that much at all!

I hate myself for getting hooked on a £10 body butter but I just can't stop buying this! I adore the whole Champneys Distant Shores line because the scent that each product has is just incredible, one of my favourite smells. The body butter stands out for me though because it makes me want to use body butter. I'm really lazy when it comes to using body moisturiser but I always reach for this because of how soft my skin is afterwards, the scent as well though (seriously go to Boots and smell it!). It melts into my skin and I don't find myself waiting around for ages for it to sink in, like the S&G Hand Food I find this sinks in pretty quickly.
Elemis Fresh Skin Super Boost Moistursing Serum*
This has to be my favourite skincare product and one that I couldn't be without this Autumn/Winter. If you find that your skin is still feeling dry and looking dull after using your moisturiser then I'd really recommend that you give this a go. I use it under my moisturiser either in the morning, evening or sometimes both and it does amazing things to my skin. My skin has felt so much softer and smoother since I added this to my daily routine. I find that my foundation looks a lot better and lasts longer thanks to this product as well. I couldn't actually find this online though, I really hope that I just didn't look hard enough, I'd hate for Elemis to discontinue my favourite serum!
I definitely don't give my nails enough attention but by the time Winter comes around I'm forced to give them a little more care. When I can remember to I'll pop a little bit of this Cuticle Oil on as it eventually leaves everything looking a little nicer. The scent is quite strong, very lemony as you would imagine and I really like it so not only I am left with nice looking cuticles but also a lovely scent. I will definitely be buying this again because when I do remember to use it I really do see the benefits, I think this little tin is going to last me quite a while though!
Finally I can't talk about my Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials without mentioning my favourite lip balm. I go through tubes of this stuff so quickly, I must have about 3 sitting around at one time. I always pick one up when I'm in Boots, it's cheap and is the best lip balm I've tried that won't cost me loads. I really want to try some of the more expensive and luxurious lip balms that are available but for now this is doing the job nicely!
What's one product you can't go without at this time of year?
Shona x


  1. Hand Food is lovely! Im currently using the VS love spell hand & body cream :)
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. burts bee's cuticle cream is my favourite along with that nivea lip balm.

    1. I definitely need to try more Burt's Bees products I think as the cuticle cream is so good!

  3. I ADORE that Burt's Bees cuticle butter it's so good, it smells good enough to eat ah! I see what you mean by seeing it lasting forever, I've hardly made a dent in mine and I've had it for over a year!

    Great post lovely (:
    Ellis / ELRBX.COM x

    1. It does smell AMAZING. I've heard people say the scent is too strong but I think it's perfect! I've had mine for about that length as well and like you there's hardly a dent haha! x

  4. Flake away is the BEST scrub. The smell is so amazing. It's even more expensive in the US so I've only bought the mini sizes so far but it really is the best around!

    1. I usually buy the mini sizes of S&G products as well and end up switching between them and cheaper brands :) x