September Beauty Favourites '14

It has been 5 months since I last did a monthly beauty favourites post, during those 5 months I have shared favourites but it is nice to get back into the routine of telling you about what I'm loving at the end of each month. September was the start of me getting back into beauty blogging and I started to enjoy trying out new products more and more. September has gone now but I'm still loving beauty blogging more again and it would seem that you are all enjoy my reviews which is always nice to see. I've got 8 products to talk about today and I've got a lot to say about them so this is probably going to be a bit of a long post. These are all products that I really have been loving over the past few weeks though, some are new and others are old favourites that I'm getting out again for Autumn.

Urban Decay have recently brought out the new Naked Basics 2 Palette but I'm still loving my trusty original Naked 2 Palette! This isn't a new edition to my makeup collection, I've talked about this in blog posts a lot but recently I've been really enjoying using more eyeshadow and I always find myself going back to this palette. I have to give a mention to the various Makeup Revolution eyeshadows and palettes that I have been using as well but it seems that I use these beautiful eyeshadows every time I do my makeup. Foxy is my go to base shade for all eye makeup looks and I'm also really liking using Busted along my lash line, blended out a little. Verve is also one of my favourites at the moment, I love using it as a inner corner highlight. I can always rely on this palette as the shadows last all day on me and they are so pigmented, I'd get an Urban Decay palette over a MAC palette any day!

As well as using more eyeshadow recently I've also been enjoying using eyeliner. I have hooded eyes so eyeliner isn't something I reach for that often as I find it difficult to use, I never know how much to use or what kind of look to go for! I was kindly sent this Eye Of Horus eyeliner back in January and nearly 8 months on I'm still loving using it. I haven't been doing any fancy flicks or anything like that, just a simple line across my lash line smudged out a little is good enough for me. I am really enjoying defining my eyes a little more though and this eye liner is perfect for it. The formula is creamy but it stays put and this particular one also comes with a little sponge smudger on the other end of the pencil as well, perfect for creating a more softer effect, something that I really enjoy doing. 

A couple of weeks ago I introduced the new Collection Galactica range to you and I will be reviewing all the products I mentioned fully but I just wanted to quickly mention one of the nail polishes. Blue Moon is one of three nail polishes available but it is definitely my favourite, blue is one of my favourite colours to wear, both when it comes to clothes and nail polishes. I love my bright royal blues but they are definitely more suited to Sping/Summer so this metallic blue has taken their place. It isn't super dark like some Autumnal nail polishes but it is the metallic finish that really makes it perfect for this time of year and it is also what I love about it so much. I've had so many compliments on it when I've been wearing it, people are always surprised when I tell them the price as well! It has lasted on me quite well also, I wore it for 4 days before there was any chipping and even then it was only the odd chip every now and then. The Galactica range has really impressed me so far so do look out for my full reviews of the products!

I'm surprised that you haven't all told me to shut up about this lipstick yet, I do go on about it an awful lot! It is only because I love it so much though, all throughout Summer I was looking forward to September because it meant I could start wearing this again. It really is just the perfect shade for me during Autumn and Winter, I'm personally not brave enough to go for something like Rebel so this is great for me as it brings me out of my comfort zone but not too much. The colour is beautiful, it is made up of a mixture of purple and pink tones and it can be worn sheer or you can build it up to create a more solid colour. The formula is lovely, it feels soft and moisturising on your lips which is good for the cold weather. I really don't have a bad word to say about this, next time you are in a MAC store take a look at it, I didn't think I would like it but I love it!

I only just reviewed this alongside the other 7 available shades the other day but I really do have to talk about this particular shade again. I mentioned my love for this particular shade in the post and you can also see it on my lips in the full review. It's a shade that I never thought I would love so much but I've found myself reaching for it a lot. The texture is creamy, a little waxy also but this gives it the ability to be super long lasting. It has a matte finish and it is so incredibly pigmented, this isn't a product for those who like more natural pink shades. Although saying that I am usually one of those people and yet I still really like this. It's a very bold pink and despite being matte it does have a little shimmer in it which I quite like. Like I said I didn't expect to like this very much but I've found myself reaching for it a lot during the past few weeks.

I have to talk about another one of the Collection Galactica products, can you tell I'm a fan? This is another lip product that yet again brings me out of my comfort zone, the Galactica range is all about a metallic finish, even when it comes to the lip products and this is definitely not the finish I usually go for. I've found myself really enjoying this lip butter though, you all know how much I love lip crayon type products so I think I was always going to like this. It is a really wearable pink shade, it doesn't come out quite as bold as I had expected but I'm actually glad about that as the metallic finish is already quite a bold move. I really like wearing this with natural eye makeup so it is the centre of my look as the finish is quite different to the classic glossy or matte finish that most people reach for. I'll talk more about how long it lasts etc in my review which will also feature the other 2 shades of the lip butter from the Galactica line!

If I had to pick a favourite out of all the products featured in this post it would have to be this foundation. I bought this after Gemma raved about it on her blog after she had discovered that Rimmel had recently brought out a paler shade in their foundations. I've got my eye on another Rimmel foundation thanks to her as well but for now I'm more than happy with this one. A lot of people have raved about this foundation so I was so happy that I was finally able to try it and it hasn't disappointed. It suits my dry skin so well and it is a perfect match for my pale complexion, I don't have to worry about my face being darker than my body any more. I find that it gives me medium coverage, just what I like, it covers everything I want it to but it still leaves my skin looking natural. It gives my skin this lovely glow as well and it doesn't cling to all my dry patches either. I can't wait to post a full review of this and show you it on my skin but for now I really do recommend this a lot! It's my new favourite foundation!

I was kindly sent this recently as part of a little Fragrance Direct skincare package (there will be a post about that soon!) and I was pretty excited as I haven't dabbled in Clinique's skincare all that much. There are 2 kinds of skincare products that I really enjoy using, face masks and exfoliators. This Clinique product combines the two really well, it's a face mask but the texture is gritty, like an exfoliator. It says that it gives you all the radiance and smoothness of microdermabrasion but with less irritation and stress to the skin. I have to agree that it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft and also very bright and radiant. I have dry skin so this is the kind of product that I need in my life, I really hope I don't fall in love with it too much though at nearly £30! Although Fragrance Direct do sell it for £5 cheaper than most places which is great, so I wouldn't feel as bad if I did treat myself to it once this one has run out.

That's all my favourites for this month, it is safe to say that I really have gotten back into beauty products recently! Well done if you have managed to get through this whole post!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Replies
    1. It's beautiful! Definitely my favourite lipstick :) x

  2. Naked 2 is still by far my favourite Urban Decay palette!

    1. It is definitely my favourite out of the 3! x

  3. The Naked 2 is a beauty! Such gorgeous shades! Syrup lipstick looks beautiful!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. It is a stunning palette and I use all the shades as well, something that doesn't always happen with palettes! x

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