Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares Palette | Review

As always Makeup Revolution are bringing out new products left, right and centre! They've most recently brought out some products perfect for Halloween and Autumn/Winter in general and this palette is one of them. I've got a few of Makeup Revolution's palettes now so I knew what to expect but I'm still really impressed by the quality of this palette considering it will only cost you £6.

1ST ROW: Who's There? | Danger Coming | Lethal | Pretty Zombie | Bump in the Night | Poisonous
2ND ROW: Lawless | The Hunger | I Am Watching You | Beyond The Night | Wicked | Friday 13th
3RD ROW: White Noise | Elm St | Ash | Boo | Depravity | Darkess

This spooky themed palette is filled with some of my favourite shades, I love smoky purples and blues especially at this time of year so I've had a lot of fun playing around with this. All the shades seem a bit daunting in the palette but when swatched you can see that they are actually pretty easy colours to work with and they compliment each other well.

As I've experienced with other Makeup Revolution palettes the Shimmer shadows did perform a lot better than the 6 Matte shades that this palette has. They aren't impossible to work with though and they are a little more pigmented than the matte shades in my other Makeup Rev. palettes. The Shimmer shades do stand out a lot more, I especially love the shades  Lawless and Who's There? and I've enjoyed creating some dark smoky looks with them this month.  I'd say to get the best out of all the shades though you should use a primer.

Once again I'm impressed by this new Makeup Revolution palette! At only £6 you really can't go wrong, if you love creating a smoky eye then this will definitely be the palette for you, it contains some really unique shades that are easy to work with. It is a shame that the matte shades aren't quite up to the same standard of the shimmer shades though.

Thanks for reading,
Shona x