Guest Post | Model's Own Microdots

Hello, I'm Kerry from SherbertLondon.com currently guest posting for the lovely Shona. My blog is about my journey through finding my feet in make-up, and skincare; with a little bit of nail art thrown in too.
I was recently given Models Own's Microdots by my mum for my birthday, today I'll be showing you four different ways to use it!


Here I used one layer of Barry M's Diamond Glitter before applying a layer of Microdots.


Here I have two layers of Ciaté's Mistress as a base coat, with a dotting tool I created polka dot spots with Barry M's Gelly Hi Shine in Coconut. Then I used a very thin dotting tool to pick up the individual glitter dots and place them on top of the white spots.


I really like Maybelline's Color Show nail polishes and to tell you a secret, this is actually my boyfriend's nail polish! (He wears it to stop him from biting his nails). I used two layers of Blackout as a base coat followed by a layer of Microdots. You could follow this up with a matte top coat to take it to the next level.

Follow the Rainbow

I love this shade of pink, I'm using OPI's Kiss Me I'm Brazilian, you could really do this nail design with any colour as a base. I then used a thin dotting tool to put the dots in rainbow order on the tips of my nails. This is definitely my favourite design.

Make sure you follow up all of these designs with a good top coat, use two layers to secure the dots to your nails for a lasting effect.

That's all from me folks, do pop on over to SherbertLondon.com or find me Bloglovin and Blogger. Much love to Shona and wishing you a speedy recovery! X


  1. Follow the Rainbow is a really unique idea!

    1. I think Kerry's nail art has convinced me to look into trying these! x

    2. I had such a fun time doing this one - I wore it all week :) x

  2. I wish I could do my own nails that well!

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    allthatshimmers.co.uk xo