Guest Post | 5 Essential Makeup Investments

Hi I'm Jasmine and I'm one of the guest bloggers whilst Shona is on the mend. I blog about beauty and fashion over at magpiejasmine.blogspot.com and you can follow me on Twitter @jasmineacs. As I like to blog about a mix of high-end and budget beauty brands I thought I'd talk a little about that.

It can be hard to know which items of makeup to splurge on and which items you can get fantastic budget alternatives to. So this post is going to show you the five essential things to get your hands on if you want to splurge (and which items you can save your money on!).

For me Foundation and other bases are where you should definitely spend. They aren't the most exciting thing in the world, but if your foudation is wrong, whatever you put on top of it won't be right either! Especially if you want the perfect match, the shade range for high-end foundations is way wider. For my lightest coverage, I love the Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturiser(£29). It's really light, can withstand a sweaty face and corrects any redness. It's very expensive but you also get 1/3 more of the product than in a standard foundation! For a proper foundation with a light coverage, the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (£31) is fantastic. For a shine-free medium-to-full coverageMAC Studio Fix Fluid (£21.50) just can't be beaten!
Concealer is another one, for similar reasons. Especially if you suffer from dark circles like me, you have to get the right shade and the right coverage. I've tried a ton of drugstore concealers and none of them have persuaded me to abandon my Benefit ones! I use the Erase Paste (£23.50) to correct dark circles then Boi-ing (£17.50) to hide any blemishes and redness and they work perfectly.
I never really appreciated the difference a good Primer can make to a look... that is until I tried the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (£25)! It makes my foundation not only last throughout the day, but it pretty much looks as fresh as when I first applied it. Not only this but it blurs any pores and fine lines and your foundation glides on like a dream. 
If you have a few high-quality tools, you can make almost any makeup look good. Although I definitely have more budget brushes overall, I think Face Brushes are something to invest in. Although makeup brushes can get way more expensive than this, I like Real Techniques. They aren't cheap but you can create a flawless finish with the Stippling Brush (£11.99) for runnier foundations and the Expert Face Brush (£9.99) for ones with a thicker consistency.
Although lip products aren't something you have to invest in all the time, I think it's good to have one high-end, long-lasting Everyday Lipstick. It's definitely tempting to go for a bold, crazy colour if you want to splurge on a lipstick, but it's best to go for something you'll get lots of wear out of. I love the MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig (£15.50); it's the perfect dusky pink and lasts for hours. 
Products you can go either way with
I think that you can get really great quality Eyeshadow from brands such as MUA and Makeup Revolution starting from just £1. Sometimes though, there's a colour you just really love and if it's high end, it's worth it to get exactly what you want. I feel a similar way about Lipstick; sometimes I spend, sometimes I save. I really like a few of MUA's £1 lipsticks, though they're definitely a case of hit and miss and I don't think I could ever give up my MAC! Blushers can be a tricky one, as the texture of high-end ones is almost always amazing. Cheaper equivalents can be a little inconsistent in terms of applying evenly and lasting (even within the same brand) but if you find one that works for you, you've struck gold.
And where you can definitely save
I almost never spend on Mascara, as it dries up so quickly it hardly seems worth it! Especially when Maybelline, Rimmel and Revlon do such great alternatives. Although I do own a few Bobbi Brown gel liners, I think that for liquid or pencil Eyeliner you can count on the trusted drugstore brands.
What do you save on and what do you splurge on? Let me know in the comments :)
Jasmine x


  1. Would you cheap out or buy expensive powder?

    1. Good question! Expensive powders are usually finer, so are less visible if you tend to wear a lot of it, but if you only apply it lightly once or twice a day a drugstore brands is fine in my experience :) xx

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