Collection Galactica Lip Butter Pencils | Review

It is no secret that I'm a big fan of lip crayons so when these new ones from Collection came through my letterbox I was more than happy to give them a go! I've got one of Collection's normal Lip Butter's which I will of course be reviewing eventually so I knew what to expect and I wasn't disappointed. The metallic trend is always popular in Autumn and Winter but I'd say that this is the first time I've properly tried out this trend. It is definitely bolder than what I'm used to but Collection have brought out this new range to make the trend more wearable, it includes eyeliners and nail polishes as well but I'll talk about them at a later date.

One of the things that I love most about lip crayons is how easy they are to use and apply and these are no different. The pencil like shape means you can apply the product quickly but precisely as well, I always have at least one in my bag because they are perfect for on the go. I particularly like that these 3 have clear tops so you can find the shade you are looking for quickly instead of taking the tops off of them all!

The actual product itself feels very soft and creamy meaning they apply like a dream with ease, it leaves your lips feeling moisturised so I don't need to use a lip balm before applying one of the shades. The colour is buildable as well although I much prefer how they look when you really build up the colour, a sheer layer of this can leave your lips looking more shimmery than anything. If you prefer a matte or glossy finish then these definitely won't be for you, they do have a lot of shimmer in but if you are looking for something a little more glossy then Pink Rush is the shade for you. As you can see in the pictures it does have a little less shimmer in than the other 2 shades. Pink Rush and Cosmic Candy are definitely my favourite colours, Moon Rock is just a bit too neutral and brown toned for my liking but I think it will appeal to a lot of other people as it does have some peachy undertones.

These really are a fab bargain product that are worth taking a look at. The colour choices may be limited but they are pigmented, moisturising and they last for a good few hours, longer than some of my other lip crayons last for! If like me you are obsessed with these kinds of products you should definitely take a look, I'm welcoming the metallic trend into my life with open arms!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I have Moon Rock and adore it! They are so affordable as well - definitely loving this new range of colours just wish they'd bring out a few more colours.



    1. I really hope they'll bring out more shades! Until then I think I'll have to buy the rest from the regular range haha! x

  2. oo I love the two pink ones! they look great, great price too x