Autumn Skincare with Fragrance Direct

I think that by now most beauty bloggers have heard of Fragrance Direct, they sell all your favourite beauty brands for less than places like Boots and Superdrug. I think they are most well known for their cheap Essie Nail Polishes but Fragrance Direct have a lot more than just that to offer. I was recently very kindly sent over a little box of skincare goodies for me to pamper myself with. My skin has definitely been a little dull recently as the weather has gotten a lot colder so it arrived at the perfect time. I never used to be into skincare but these days I'm always looking for new products to try and I've found myself committing to a daily skincare routine, something that I never used to do! I've been using these products as part of my regular routine for the last few weeks now so I'm definitely ready to tell you all about them!


When it comes to my skin there is one step that I never skip and that's exfoliating. I exfoliate both my face and body several times a week to help keep my dry skin feeling smooth and soft so I'm always on the lookout for the best products to do so. I've seen exfoliating gloves before but I've never gotten around to trying a pair until now. I've found that it is so much easier to exfoliate my body with these and they actually work better than most of my body scrubs. I thought they would be quite harsh on my skin but they really weren't at all, at only £3.99 I think everyone should grab a pair, I can't be without mine now!

Unlike exfoliating, moisturising my body is one step that I often miss, especially in the colder months as I don't want to be sitting around for ages waiting for a moisturiser to sink in. I was pleasantly surprised by this one though, I found that it sank into my skin a lot quicker than most of my body moisturisers but on the other hand it didn't offer as much hydration and moisture as my usual favourites. It's a lovely body milk and I love the fact it has a pump on it but I'm not sure if it's a product I'd spend £16.99 on. You have to applaud Fragrance Direct though as this usually costs £31.50 so it's a good example of just how much money you can save when you shop with them!


Elemis Rehydarting Ginseng Toner* 

Unfortunately I couldn't find this product on the Fragrance Direct website so I don't have a price or link for you but I thought it was worth telling you my thoughts on it just in case it appears on the website soon! I've never been a massive toner fan and it isn't a product I use often as I don't find it makes much difference to my skin but I was very open to giving this Elemis one a go because I love their products. I did however find that once again I couldn't notice a significant difference in my skin after using this, I've found this with just about every toner I've tried though so I wasn't surprised. However I am a big fan of Elemis products so do check out all the other products they have on the website here!

Finally I've left the best until last! I recently talked about this in my September Favourites post so if you've read that then you'll already know that I'm a big fan of this product. It's a mix between a facial exfoliator and a face mask, two of my favourite kinds of products. My skin has been so dry and dull recently and this has helped to really brighten it up, it leaves my skin feeling smooth meaning my foundation and other base products have been sitting on my skin a lot better. At just under £30 it isn't a cheap product but I love it so much that I think I might have to consider buying it when this one runs out!

From now on I think I'll definitely be checking out the skincare products on Fragrance Direct a lot more often! 

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Clinique do a really rich moisturiser that is amazing! It's yellow and was a sample in glamour not that long ago the dramatically different moisturiser! It is so good I love it! I'm not such a huge fan of Decleor or elemis items the smell is just not appealing to me!


    1. I think I'll definitely be looking into Clinique's skincare products more in the future! x

  2. I love the Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial Mask! I'm usually not a big fan of their products but this is definitely a good one.

    1. I love it but kicking myself for loving such an expensive product haha! x