See You Soon

So, after a long 9 months of waiting the time has come for my spinal problems to be fixed finally. I'm going into hospital today and having my operation tomorrow. I'm not sure how about how long I'll be in hospital for, some people have said a couple of days whilst the hospital have said about 5 days. Last year when I had my bigger operation, spinal fusion, I really didn't predict how long I'd actually be away from my computer for, despite only being in hospital for 8 days. So, I really can't say how long I'll be away for but don't worry as over the past 3 weeks I've writing and scheduling posts and I've got lots of lovely bloggers helping me so look out for their guest posts as well. I've scheduled posts for the rest of September and some of October, although I hope to be back blogging before the end of October!

I'm just happy that the day has finally come around, hopefully this will be a new start for me, I'll be happy to get my life back!

A big thanks for all your lovely comments and tweets, your support keeps me going! I'll be around on twitter as much as possible so follow me on there (@shonalouiseblog) to find out how I'm doing after the operation. 

Shona x

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