Maybelline Baby Lips Electro | Review #1

When the Maybelline Baby Lips first came out everyone went crazy over them and there were reviews everywhere. I'm personally a massive fan of them, despite the mixed reviews, so when I saw that the UK were getting the electro version I was so happy. I never reviewed the first ones that came out because my Blog Lovin' feed was full of people sharing their opinion on them, this time round I really wanted to talk about these ones though.

There are 4 shades in the Electro line meaning that we now have 10 shades in total here in the UK which is pretty good considering I wasn't even sure whether we'd get them over here! Like the normal ones these new versions claim to offer 8 hours of hydration, just with a neon kick this time around. The packaging is the same and I still love it, they are the kind of product that I like to line up on my dressing table. I've got 2 shades of the 4 to review today, I'm definitely looking to get my hands on the other shades as well, you all know how much of a lip balm lover I am!

Firstly I'm really happy to see that Maybelline haven't bumped up the price for this brighter version, I thought they might have added on a pound or two. The formula of these is very much like the original ones, they're soft and glossy. They feel really moisturising on my lips and they make my lips feel so soft. I wouldn't say they offer 8 hours of hydration, more like a few hours but I never expect anything longer than that when it comes to a lip balm. I reapply lip balm so much during the day anyway because I can't stand the feeling of having dry lips, that's why I go through lip balms so quickly!

Strike A Rose

This shade is the least pigmented of the two, it doesn't help that it is quite close to my natural lip colour though. It's a really nice rose shade that is perfect for a natural look or a no makeup day, it would brighten up your complexion a little really well. It just gives your natural lip colour a little extra something, it enhances it.

Pink Shock

Pink Shock has definitely impressed me a lot! As you can see it really is quite pigmented and stands out a lot, if gives off as much colour as some of my lip crayons do which is great as it is only a tinted lip balm. I've been wearing this a lot already and I think it's definitely one of my favourite lip balms now. If you are looking for hydration and colour in a lip balm then I really recommend this even though both shades tend to completely disappear after about 2 hours of wear but at the end of the day they are lip balms, not long lasting lipsticks.

I'm really impressed by these and I can't wait to get my hands on the other 2 shades available, especially the Berry one! I would really recommend these to people, please do remember that they are tinted lip balms though, they aren't going to be as pigmented as lip sticks.

Since first typing up this review I have bought the other 2 shades from the Electro line so look out for a review of them!

Have you tried the Electro Baby Lips yet? 

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I love these! They have quite good colour pay off for a lip balm!

    Hannah Heartss x

    1. They really do, I know I'll be using Pink Shock a lot, the colour pay off is so good for a tinted lip balm! :) x

  2. I've heard so many bad things about babylips, but that pink one is so pigmented!

    1. There are so many mixed reviews out there and think they are a love or hate product but personally I think they are fab, especially the Electro ones! x

  3. I wanted to try the purple one but I got a baby lips and dont really think much of it =/

    1. I'll be reviewing the purple and oranges one next month so look for that :)

  4. Love the packaging to these new baby lips, so cute :)
    xprincessjas | x