Barry M Cor Balmy! Tinted Lip Balms | Review

Last week I posted all about the new Maybelline Electro Baby Lips but they aren't the only new tinted lip balms around at the moment. I was kindly given these as part of a little birthday present, I've had my eye on them since they came out so I've been really enjoying trying them over the past few weeks. Barry M are famous for their nail polishes and rightly so as they really do know how to create a good high street nail varnish. They are branching out more and more though and creating some other great products, I mainly have my eye on their lip products though. 

I have to start of with their name, I absolutely love it. I think it suits the brand so well and it will appeal to everyone but mainly the younger generation I think. The packaging is really cute as well and just like the Baby Lips this is kind of product that I'd love to get all of and then line up on my dressing table, that's just me! 

All of the 5 shades available have SPF15 in them which is always good, as well as having a moisturising core that is enriched with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. I like that the moisturising elements aren't within the whole product as sometimes I feel like tinted lip balms with too much hydration in them can lack in pigmentation a lot as they slide around a bit too much. These are a little more expensive than some of the other tinted lip balms around at the moment but at £3.49 they aren't going to break the bank so it isn't an issue really.

I have 2 of the 5 shades available which happen to be the two lightest shades so it gives you a good idea of just how pigmented they are. Above is Rosie Lea, there was no point of swatching Adam & Eve because it only really gives a very pale milky wash to your lips. Adam & Eve is definitely more a lip balm to pop in your bag for use all the time as just a normal lip balm. It only gives off the tiniest hint of pale pink but at the end of the day it is only a very pale pink shade so I didn't expect much. It does still make a great lip balm though!

Rosie Lea is the shade I'm wearing above, it is labelled as a bright pink which in the packaging it definitely is. Of course though it isn't going transfer as bright and I'm glad actually as the colour you can achieve is really lovely and just right for myself. I was a little disappointed at first but then I saw that this is actually the second lightest colour. I can imagine that the other 3 darker shades are more pigmented and better for those who do want more colour in a tinted lip balm. I'm definitely going to be picking up a couple more shades of these to see what the pigmentation is like in the darker colours that are available, of course I'll do another review to tell you all about them.

Moving away from how pigmented they are though, at the end of the day these are still lip balms so if they can't moisturise and hydrate then that's a big disappointing thing. Luckily these are really moisturising and I've been keeping the lighter pink shade in my bag all the time for when I'm out and about. I'm a big fan of Nivea lip balms but I can see myself repurchasing the shade Adam & Eve a lot as it does give a nicer and glossier finish.

Overall I am loving these and I definitely want to get my hands on the other shades to see how much colour they give off! 

Have you tried these yet? Or are you not a fan of tinted lip balms?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. These sounds like the perfect everyday lip colour.

    1. They definitely are, so easy to apply and you can just pop them in your bag :)

  2. These look lovely, although practically every brand is bringing out their version of the baby lips!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. I know, so many brands have a version now! Not good for my bank balance haha :) x