Autumn Makeup Picks '14

Recently I shared my Autumn Nail Polish Picks with you and that seemed to go down quite well so I thought I'd tell you about a few makeup products that I especially love using in Autumn. When it comes to the colder months I know my skin is going to look dull and as the leaves change colours my eyeshadow tends to as well as I start using more earthy tones. I tend to wear a bit more makeup in Autumn and Winter, during Summer there is just no point as it melts off my face by midday. Also as I mentioned my skin does tend to look more dull so I like using products that will brighten up my face a bit to make it look a little warmer. I of course still stick to my usual favourites but it is nice to change some of the products that you use every season.

I won this eyeshadow a little while ago in a giveaway and I've been wanting to make up a little MAC eyeshadow quad since but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Despite that I've been using it a lot more recently and I know that I'll definitely be reaching for it a lot in Autumn. It is a beautiful gold/champagne shade that I've had my eye on for a while. It is great as a base colour or just on it's own for a more simple look and I love that it is so pigmented and blendable. It is pricey for an eyeshadow though so I think one quad will be enough for me! 

I've favoured Maybelline's mascaras over other brands offerings over the past year but this time round it is a L'Oreal mascara that has taken the spotlight for me. I sometimes find that black mascara can be a little harsh with my small features and pale skin so I've been enjoying reaching for this mascara instead, it isn't brown but it isn't a true black either. I find it stays on all day and gives my lashes a lot of volume, not much length but I'm enjoying that at  the moment. I think brown is definitely a better colour for Autumn when it comes to things like mascara and eyeliner, it isn't as harsh but still looks amazing!

I reviewed this bargain palette from Makeup Revolution a few weeks ago and I knew as soon as I swatched the shadows that this would be my go to palette during Autumn. Nearly all the shades are very pigmented and very easy to work with, they all compliment each other so well also. There are a couple of shades within the palette that I know I will be reaching for a lot during the next few months. Consume Me is a gunmetal brown colour that will be great for a smokey eye and Love You To Death is a purple shade that will add a bit of colour to any makeup look. Take a look at my review here to see swatches of all the shades! If you are looking for a fun palette full of great Autumnal colours then definitely take a look at this one.

Admittedly I've only had this foundation for a couple of weeks but I already know that it is going to be my go to base product during both Autumn and Winter this year. This is a foundation I've wanted to try for a while but previously none of the available shades suited my skin so I stayed away. I found out a few weeks ago though that Rimmel have been bringing out a new paler shade in their foundations so I snapped this up in my most recent Superdrug order. Not only is it a perfect match for my skin but it suits my dry skin really well, it isn't too thick or thin and gives me really good coverage. I am only 2 weeks in though so I'll let you know more about it in a full review soon!

This is another product that is new to my makeup collection, it is already a firm favourite of mine though. I'm a big lover of cream blush, especially when it's cold outside as it tends to brighten up your face a bit more than powder products do. I had a feeling I would like this product but it really has completely blown me away. For only £3 NYC have created a beautiful cream product that sits on the skin well, is extremely pigmented and stays put nearly all day long. Again I will be reviewing this and the other shade I have but I would already really recommend it to you!

When it comes to lip gloss I'm quite fussy and I have phases where I love it and then hate it. However there is one lip gloss that I'm always happy to get out of my makeup bag, probably because it isn't like most lip glosses. The L'Oreal Stain Splashes give your lips a glossy finish for an hour or so but they leave a stain for a few hours after that which I love. It isn't a drying product either, my lips feel soft after using this and I don't have to reach for lip balm every 30 minutes. The shade is what most draws me to this during Autumn though, it's pink but with some raisin undertones which you can see a lot in the swatch below, on the lips it is more pink though. It's a really wearable shade and surprisingly pigmented. In the packaging you can see quite a few glitter bits floating around in the product but it doesn't transfer like that luckily, it just creates a nice shine that becomes a stain. I've seen these L'Oreal products get a lot of mixed reviews but personally I love them.

I recently talked about this lipstick a lot in my Autumn FOTD, I don't think I'll ever stop talking about it, it is most definitely my favourite lipstick! When I first saw it I thought I would hate it as it looked so dark and purple but this has to be one of the most wearable lipsticks that I've ever used. The purple and pink tones merge together to create the perfect A/W colour that I think suits my pale skin so well. It is expensive but it's definitely worth it, I think if you are looking to step out of your comfort zone a little this will be great for you to try. It's a lustre lipstick so it isn't super pigmented but it can be built up easily. It's also really soft and moisturising which is really good for the cold wind that is bound to hit us soon. I don't think I can find a fault with this product, it's the perfect lipstick for me!

MAC Eyeshadow, MAC Lipstick, L'Oreal Lip Gloss and NYC Blusher

Let me know in the comments below about what products you are reaching for at the moment!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I need that eyeshadow palette, the packaging alone is amazing

    Hannah Heartss x

    1. I love the packaging, I've been using this more than my UD Naked2 palette which really shows how much I like it! :) x

  2. All that glitters is so gorgeous, i love it!
    xprincessjas | x

  3. Ugh I wish the wake me up foundation was available in the US! That palette looks super shimmery, I would love that.

    1. You have so many other great products though, jealous of your access to Wet 'n' Wild, Covergirl etc :) x

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